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PARK AND HIDE; End of the road for classic cars when tunnel fall ruined garage.


THERE'S light at the end of the tunnel but sadly not for these once gleaming classic cars.

Our exclusive photos show at least ten are rusting away in the dark of this graveyard for motors.

Their fate was sealed in 2012 when a disused Victorian rail tunnel, which housed a garage for rare cars, collapsed.

Owner Nigel Wills-Browne was at the other end of the half-mile tunnel when disaster struck.

The Dingle tunnel, built in 1896, had a station on the Liverpool Overhead Railway which took dockers to and from the city's port. The railway closed in the 50s.

Nigel, 74, from nearby Birkenhead, said: "I was sitting having a digestive biscuit with a cup of tea when the roof at the other end of the tunnel came down and flattened a Poster for Ford Transit. That was the end of the garage, but I've never done anything with the cars still down there."

y g n ed el I was " Amazingly, none of them have been claimed and a bemused Nigel believes their owners must have given themtea and a up for lost.

when the came He said: "I suppose I should sell them really, I just haven't gotten around to it."

m n't e " Among the cars in the tunnel is a clapped-out 70s Fiat 130 Coupe, once a fancy executive car which, in good condition, could sell for PS42,000.

There is a Mk 1 VW Golf, off the Ca having ps biscuit road since 1998, a 1979 yellow Lotus Elite last driven in 1997, and a 1987 Ford Capri 1.6 Laser. Like the Golf, the Capri in good nick can sell for up to PS40,000. In the gloom, photographer Kyle May also snapped a Humber, a Morris Minor, a 1968 Rover P5B and an old trailer in British racing green, probably used for bicycles. The Rover is similar to one owned by The Queen.

tunnel MMR an tra down. Kyle, given permission IN STONE: Liverpool by Nigel to access the tunnel, said: "I've always had an interest in the history that's underneath our feet, which we walk over every day without even realising. The Dingle tunnel is quite well known about in Liverpool, but since its collapse eight years ago, it's not been accessible to the public.

"It's lots of fun, rooting around in the dark until you come to the next car and trying to work out what it is, or was.

"Sadly the cars have all rusted up - but they definitely add another little bit of history to this old place." Logo for

there." of the tunnel Ford Capri Golf, can and trailer racing n ed el m n't e Ca ps MMR an tra I was having tea and a biscuit when the tunnel came down

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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:May 17, 2020
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