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HOTEL heiress Paris Hilton was last night on suicide watch after being dragged back to prison.

As she celebrated being released early from her 45-day sentence on Friday, she was handcuffed and hauled back in front of a furious judge, who had not been informed of her freedom.

Then she was ordered down to the cells again to serve out her full sentence.

The about-turn came after a shambolic courtroom appearance, during which Hilton sobbed uncontrollably, called for her mother and blurted: "It's not fair!"

Last night, staff at the Century Regional Detention Facility confirmed she was now under 24-hour supervision in case she decided to harm herself. She is being kept isolated from other prisoners after inmates blasted her special treatment.

"The women inside the jail are seething," said an insider at the prison in Lynwood, California. "They say if you're a rich white girl, you get special treatment."
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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Jun 10, 2007
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