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Parascript, LLC has launched AddressSelect 2.0, a high-performance address validation solution that enables companies to reduce incorrect address entries, comply with USPS guidelines and gain postage discounts. The software, which complements current Multi-Line Optical Character Readers (MLOCR), validates addresses and assigns correct 11-digit zip codes to increase mail processing accuracy. AddressSelect meets USPS Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) certification standards.

"Over 23 percent of mail is incorrectly addressed in the United States, costing businesses millions in postage, not including the additional expense of not reaching potential customers or payees," said president and CEO of Parascript, Jeff Gilb. "AddressSelect builds on Parascript's advanced address recognition expertise, providing integration partners and MLOCR vendors with the most up-to-date address matching software for improved mail delivery, enabling them to get the lowest possible postage rates available."

AddressSelect consists of an assignment module and USPS database. The assignment module executes contextual analysis of address data to support further address matching. AddressSelect compares multiple address hypotheses with the USPS database and assigns the correct 11-digit zip code to mail pieces.

AddressSelect validates addresses through:

* Contextual Analysis -- AddressSelect analyzes raw OCR data to correct misread, missed, unnecessary and erroneously segmented characters.

* Address Parsing -- AddressSelect parses address data into elements such as city, state, ZIP, street address, and other components to support further address assignment.

* Address Matching -- AddressSelect compares address components to data stored in the USPS address database. When a match is found, AddressSelect assigns the correct 11-digit zip code and returns the address in the standardized form.

AddressSelect can be customized for country-specific address validation and correction applications wherever local postal databases are available.

About Parascript, LLC

Parascript's Intelligent Recognition engine captures, interprets and transforms paper-based data into actionable information. Uncovering the hidden meaning of information, they help commercial and government organizations drive higher accuracy and productivity while automating costly data entry. The first to solve the cursive handwriting puzzle, Parascript has grown to be the intelligent recognition solution for the U.S. Postal Service and other Global 2000 organizations including Bowe Bell & Howell, Carreker, Lockheed Martin, NCR, Siemens, and Unisys.

Parascript can be found on the World Wide Web at

For more information, call 303/381-4130.
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