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Parama Networks has launched a complete system level solution for the design of next generation SONET/SDH transport equipment. The solution includes Parama's groundbreaking ADM-on-a-Chip, a companion SONET/SDH Overhead Processor, a Data Transport Processor, a Hardware Reference Design, and an Advanced Software Development Kit.

The core of this solution is the ADM-on-a-Chip, a "system on a chip" (SoC) that features the highest level of integration to date and an elegant architecture that simplifies the equipment design process. The ADM- on-a-Chip offers -- for the first time on a single piece of silicon -- all of the functions necessary to build an ADM and other next generation network equipment, including cross-connect, line and tributary framers, and overhead processing.

As a result, the ADM-on-a-Chip allows network equipment vendors to upgrade existing systems and build entirely new systems that cost one-third the price of and consume one-fifth the power of currently available systems. Due to the high level of integrated functionality, an ADM-on-a-Chip-based complete system level solution can be developed in one-fifth the time, again compared to currently available products, thus allowing quick time to market and improved return on investment. As such, the ADM-on-a-Chip will offer a powerful economic incentive to service providers to reinvest in their networks, as part of the evolution of SONET and SDH networks into the "convergence" transport networks needed to efficiently transport data and traditional voice traffic.

"Service providers are looking for ways to cost-effectively and quickly leverage their SONET networks to deliver next generation managed data services. Parama's ADM-on-a-Chip aggressively addresses this problem, with benefits expected for both legacy and emerging next generation network elements," said Dean Casey, former director of Optical Transport Network Architecture for Verizon.

"Given the improving economic indicators in telecommunications, in general, and the market discontinuity between legacy and next-generation ADM systems, in particular, we are launching our product at an opportune moment" said Hemant Bheda, CEO of Parama Networks. "Furthermore, our product addresses the most critical concern of our customers, as the cost of ADMs and similar network devices are now dominated by electronics, not optics. With worldwide sales of ADMs alone reaching $3 billion in 2003, we have a huge market opportunity and we are well-positioned to fully participate in the coming wave of capital spending."

Traditional merchant silicon providers typically design "building block" ASICs that can be combined by systems vendors into elements, line cards, and subsystems. These silicon providers lack the overall system knowledge required to define a complete SoC solution that would meet service provider's requirements.

The Parama team, however, has been able to achieve this feat of engineering as a result of their unique blend of systems level and chip design experience, including a SoC methodology with "first pass silicon to production" success. Advances in silicon VLSI technology over the last few years, combined with a patent-pending compact cross connect implementation, now enable entire ADM implementations on a single piece of silicon, which create dramatic reductions in cost and power while providing scalability, flexibility, density and simplicity in building the next generation of data aware SONET and SDH systems.

The ADM-on-a-Chip is manufactured in 0.13 micron CMOS process and packaged in a 1521 pin flip chip BGA package. Model number PNI8040, priced at $1250 in 1000+ quantities, features eight software-programmable OC-3 to OC-48 rate SONET and SDH-equivalent rate ports, two OC-192 rate SONET/SDH ports and 40G of digital cross connect capacity. PNI8160, priced at $2500 in 1000+ quantities, integrates eight software programmable OC-3 to OC-192 rate SONET/SDH ports, two OC-768 rate SONET/SDH ports and 160G of digital cross connect. Production samples of the ADM-on-a-Chip are available now.

"The ADM-on-a-Chip is a revolutionary technology for an evolutionary market," continued Bheda. "SONET and SDH networks are well-established the world over and have performed well; but they need to evolve in order to meet future requirements, such as services based on Internet, Ethernet and storage protocols and true 50ms restoration in mesh networks."

About Parama Networks

Parama Networks is a fables semiconductor company specializing in System-on-a-chip solutions for the transport equipment market. The company was funded in March 2001 with support from Azure Capital Partners, Cross Bridge Ventures, Menlo Ventures, Network Angel Capital and Sprout Group. Parama's unique products enable equipment vendors to deliver innovative products with faster time to market, and reduced cost, power and size. Led by a management team that has many years of experience in system-on-a-chip product development, SONET/SDH system design, software development, and marketing, the company has received 3 U.S. Patents and has 22 others pending.

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