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PAPA'S LITTLE HERO; MUM'S PRAISE FOR BRAVE SCHOOLBOY; Greg, 8, shows amazing calmness to pull his grandad John from river and phone for help after he suffers stroke.


A MUM has praised her eight-year-old son after his fast-thinking actions saved his grandad's life.

Brave schoolboy Greg Galloway pulled his stricken grandad John Howe from a fast flowing river after he suffered a bleed on the brain during a fishing trip.

He then fished a mobile phone out of his grandad's pocket to phone for help.

Now Greg's proud mum, Jennifer Howe, has praised her "amazing" son for his actions, saying he was "so calm" throughout the entire ordeal.

She said: "This was the first time my dad had taken Greg fishing and he was really looking forward to it."

The day was going well, with Greg catching his first salmon but the joy was short-lived after John, 61, fell ill.

Jennifer added: "The two of them had been fishing for about an hour when Greg caught the salmon.

"Dad was helping him take it off the rod and that's when he took not well.

"He lost the feeling in his left side and fell into the water, taking Greg with him. Somehow Greg managed to shift his papa out of the water and on to the embankment.

"Then he went into dad's pocket to get his phone and call me. He told me his papa had 'had a fall and needed help'. But he was so calm, directing me over two fields to the exact spot where they were fishing so I could find them.

"Even when he was on the phone, he kept putting it on the ground and I could hear him telling his papa, 'Don't go to sleep, papa', and he was constantly reassuring dad that help was coming.

"And not once did he tell me that he was soaked to the bone. He never moaned about how he was cold or wet, he just wanted to help his papa."

Jennifer contacted the emergency services and John was taken to Crosshouse Hospital, Kilmarnock, where he was diagnosed as having suffered a stroke. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Jennifer added: "It was a full-blown rescue mission with the helicopter out - but Greg was calm and collected the whole time. He was so responsible.

"I'm just so very proud of what he's done. He has no idea of how amazing he was. He just knew that his papa needed help and he got him it.

"Thanks to that, my dad will survive and after some rehabilitation work will be allowed home."

The emergency services were able to trace the pair from Greg's directions and with the help of farmer William Young.

Jennifer said: "Greg told me where they were fishing, at Skerrington Mains farm, and the farmer William knows my dad well. He came out in his Land Rover to open the gates for the ambulance to get through. "I cannot thank him or the ambulance crew enough for what they did that day."

Oh.. and the brave wee guy caught a salmon on his first go, too!


CALM IN A CRISIS Greg was able to get his papa John out of the river and call for help

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 11, 2018
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