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Integrated PD Offers 650MB Rewritable Optical Drive Plus 4X CD-ROM

SECAUCUS, N.J., March 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Panasonic Personal Computer Company today announced its CF-62 multimedia notebook PC , a revolutionary new multimedia notebook PC with an integrated PD drive that allows users to read from, and write to a 650MB rewritable optical disc. The same drive also reads standard 4X CD-ROMs.

Designed for the serious mobile business professional, the CF-62 combines high capacity PD/CD-ROM storage with Intel's new 133 MHz Pentium(R) processor, 32-bit PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) bus architecture, 12.1 inch 1024 x 768 LCD and many other state-of-the- art features.

"The CF-62 offers the highest level of performance, flexibility and ruggedness ever offered in a Panasonic multimedia notebook PC," says John Harris, national marketing manager for Panasonic Personal Computer Company. "With PD mobile users can write up to 650MB on a single removable optical cartridge and at the same time have a high-performance 4X CD-ROM drive. PD is ideal for hard disk drive backup, CD-ROM premastering, desktop publishing, photo and graphics storage, database management and much more. Additionally, the high capacity and removability of PD cartridges makes them valuable for security- conscious applications," said Harris.

The mobility, flexibility and high performance of the CF-62 result from a combination of the following features:

-- Integrated PD/4X CD-ROM Drive

-- Latest generation Intel 133MHz or 100 MHz Pentium(R) CPU with
 256KB L2 cache

-- Large 12.1" 1024 x 768 XGA or 800 x 600 SVGA LCD, with
 DayBrite(TM) non-glare feature

-- Rugged Magnesium alloy LCD casez 32-bit PCI bus

-- Lithium Ion battery

-- 1.35GB of disk storage

-- GlidePoint(TM) touch pad, that allows simple one finger cursor

-- New high performance Chips & Technologies' graphics controller

PD: The Emerging Standard for Multimedia Storage and Access

PD is a non-magnetic rewritable optical technology that can be written, updated, erased and re-written more than 500,000 times. Performance is fast with an access time of 165ms and data transfer rates up to 1,141KBs. Holding 650MB of data, PD cartridges also read 4X CD- ROMs. Removable and easily portable, PD cartridges have a rated media life of 30 years or more.

At a media cost of only $0.08 or less per MB, PD is an excellent solution for backup, archiving, storage of large graphics and multimedia files, moving data between service bureaus, and for use by mobile service, sales and support personnel. And because the 650MB PD cartridges are removable, storage capacity is virtually unlimited. Finally, PD is ideal for security-sensitive environments, because PD cartridges are easily removed and replaced.

The CF-62's PD drive is also a high performance 4X CD-ROM drive that can read CD-ROM XA, music CDs, Photo CDs, CD-R and CD+. With an average access time of 250ms and transfer rate of 600KB/s in the 4X mode, the drive is ideally suited to playing video and graphics-intensive CD-ROMs.

Developed by Matsushita, Panasonic's parent company, PD technology is already used in desktop systems from other leading computer manufacturers, including Compaq, NEC and Zenith Data Systems, with more to follow. In addition to Panasonic, high quality PD cartridges are supplied by 3M Corp., Plasmon Data Systems, and Toray Industries.

New Pentium Processors

The CF-62 offers users two of Intel's latest-generation CPUs for notebook platforms: the 133MHz Pentium or 100MHz Pentium processor. Both CPUs use 256KB of pipelined burst L2 cache as standard to achieve the optimum performance inherent in the Pentium design. The CF-62 also incorporates either 8MB or 16MB of high speed EDO (Extended Data Out) memory, expandable up to 48MB. EDO memory offers significant benefits in speed and throughput, making it well matched to the PCI bus and Pentium processor-based systems.

12.1 Inch Active Matrix Color LCD is Easy to Read, Indoors or Out The CF-62 features a 12.1 inch (diagonal) TFT active matrix color LCD with a choice of two resolutions: 1024 x 768 XGA or 800 x 600 SVGA. Both resolutions support 65,536 simultaneous colors and can drive external monitors at a resolution up to 1024 x 768. For graphics processing, the CF-62 uses a new high performance Chips & Technology graphics controller, 2MB EDO RAM video memory, and 64-bit BitBLT graphics acceleration. These combined features make the CF-62 ideal for even the most graphics and motion video-intensive multimedia programs.

For mobile professionals who work both indoors and out, all CF-62s feature Panasonic's DayBrite(TM) screen technology. DayBrite features very low reflectivity combined with high contrast, for optimum viewing in a wide variety of lighting conditions.

Lightweight Magnesium Alloy LCD Case, Twenty Times Stronger than Plastic Mobile users will especially appreciate the rugged Magnesium alloy case that surrounds the LCD on all CF-62 units. Providing 20 times the strength of typical plastic cases, this feature rigorously protects the LCD, one of the most critical (and costly to replace) components of a notebook PC.

High Speed PCI System Architecture

The CF-62 features 32-bit PCI system bus design for outstanding speed and data throughput. Complementing this is a new graphics accelerator, a 64-bit VRAM interface, and 2MB of EDO video memory.

PC Card Design Features ZV Port and CardBus

To support high-performance PC cards including video capture, video conferencing and MPEG, the CF-62 incorporates ZV (Zoomed Video) Port technology. ZV Port provides a direct data path for video from the PC Card to the video circuit decoder of the graphics controller, bypassing the notebook's CPU. This allows faster and higher quality video data
handling for multimedia applications. The CF-62 also supports the new PC Card CardBus standard, with 32-bit data bus, and accepts two Type II cards or one Type III card.

Large Capacity, Hot Swappable Lithium Ion battery

For maximum computing time in the field, the CF-62 uses a new high- performance Lithium Ion battery. Lithium Ion technology offers the merits of high power vs. low weight, and an "intelligent" design that allows precise measurement of battery status. Also, Lithium Ion does not exhibit the "memory effect" found in other battery technologies, which over time reduces the charging efficiency of the battery. For even longer operating time, additional battery packs can be hot swapped without the need to shut the system down.

To further optimize battery time, the CF-62 has a number of new power management features, including the option to selectively turn off power to the PD/CD-ROM system when not in use. For external power supply, the CF-62 is supplied with an AC adapter with voltage auto- sensing to allow use with worldwide power supplies.

Increased Storage/Memory Capability

The CF-62 offers hard disk options up to 1.35GB, ideal for increased storage of video and multimedia files. The unit is also available with an 840MB drive. All hard disks are user removable and upgradable. Special consideration has been given to the mounting design of the drives to provide optimum insulation from the shock and vibrations inherent in mobile computing environments.

Access CD-ROM & Floppy Drive Simultaneously

The CF-62 uses Panasonic's unique Multimedia Pocket(TM), which houses the included floppy disk drive. The Multimedia Pocket design allows the FDD and integrated PD/CD-ROM to be used simultaneously, unlike many notebook PC's on the market today. The Multimedia Pocket also accepts the CF-VEV611W MPEG decoder pack with NTSC output for full- screen, full-motion video playback of MPEG and Video CD files.

Additional Design Features for the Mobile Professional

Other features that contribute to the ruggedness, reliability and convenience of the CF-62 include:

-- HDD cushioned mounting system

-- IrDA port for wireless connection with external peripherals

-- LCD status panel is easy to read indoors and out, impervious to

-- Screen brightness and sound volume easily controlled with Fn+R/L,
 Fn+U/D arrow keys

-- Optional keyboard membrane to protect from dust, spills and

-- Multi-level password protection (Supervisor, User, Coffee Break)


The CF-62 comes preloaded with Windows(R) 95, CardWorks(TM)PC Card software, TranXit(TM) V2.1 PrintPro IrDA Port software control, Password Control, power management utilities and includes a CD-ROM help disc. As a convenience to users, both Windows 95 and utilities software are provided on two CD-ROM discs for backup if required.

Availability and Configurations

In keeping with Panasonic Personal Computer Company's focus on F1000 and government users, the CF-62 will be marketed through a channel of select VARs and resellers. The CF-62 will ship worldwide in June in the following two configurations:

-- CF-62EXC4AAM: 133MHz Pentium CPU, 12.1 XGA LCD, 16MB RAM, 1.35GB
 HDD, Integrated PD/4x CD-ROM

-- CF-62CJ82AAM: 100MHz Pentium CPU, 12.1 SVGA LCD, 8MB RAM, 840MB
 HDD, Integrated PD/4x CD-ROM

The CF-62 measures 2.36 in. high x 9.4 in. deep and 11.7 in. wide.

Options and Accessories

A variety of accessories are available for the CF-62 to maximize flexibility and convenience on the road and at the office. These include a docking station with 32-bit PCI support, port replicator, battery charger, additional AC adapter, and a full range of memory cards as well as a Full-Motion Video Pack with MPEG support.


As with all Panasonic multimedia notebook PCs, the CF-62 comes with a standard three year limited warranty covering parts and labor, and including free overnight Federal Express shipment.

Panasonic Personal Computer Company

Panasonic Personal Computer Company is 100 percent focused on F1000 and government mobile professionals and sells its products through selected VAR and reseller channels. Panasonic Personal Computer Company is a unit of Matsushita Electric Corp. of America. Its parent company is the Matsushita Electric Industrial Company of Japan with sales of $78.1 billion in FY 1994.

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