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PALESTINE - Dec 10 - Haniya Said Early Polls Would Lead To Unrest.

PM Esmail Haniya says early Palestinian elections will lead to unrest. Pres Mahmoud Abbas had said he planned to call early elections to end a political deadlock with the group. "The proposal ... about holding early elections is the start of the creation of disorder in Palestine", Haniya said in Iran, where he is on official visit. "We studied that proposal and we believe it to be contrary to the legitimacy of the Palestinian government", he said. Haniya also blamed Abbas for the breakdown in unity government talks which failed because of "hostility" and "stubbornness". "They want the entire state and government to be entirely in the hands of non-Hamas people", he said of the Palestinian leadership. Haniya was due to meet Iran's Supreme Leader Ayat Ali Khamenei on Dec 10, the final day of the four-day visit to the state.
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Title Annotation:Esmail Haniya
Publication:APS Diplomat Recorder
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Date:Dec 16, 2006
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