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 Snow, snow, everywhere,
 On your clothes, boots, and hair.
 Ride a sled or stand on your head;
 We can have fun without the sun,
 Snow, snow, everywhere.

Tonya Sweeney Prescott, Iowa

 Let it snow, let it snow,
 Because I like to build a snowman
 With a hat on his head,
 A pipe in his mouth,
 Buttons for his eyes,
 A carrot as a nose,
 Raisins as a smiling face,
 A scarf around his neck.
 Oh, he's so cute!
 How I wish he could come to life
 And play with me.

Vanessa Dong Herndon, Virginia

 Snow, snow, soft and
 Falling softly through
 the night,
 Painting rooftops white.
 Snow, snow, cold
 as ice,
 Snowflakes forming
 in the sky,
 Like crystals glittering
 in the night.

Vivlen Dong Herndon, Virginia

 I like snowflakes,
 Yes, I do.
 Do you like snowflakes?
 Of course you do!
 Snowflakes are white
 And snowflakes are
 And snowflakes I love
 to draw, too.
 Snowflakes for me,
 snowflakes for you,
 Snowflakes we love,
 that is true!
 So next time you see
 a snowflake, too,
 That might remind
 you of me, too.
 Priscilla Portillo
 El Paso, Texas

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Title Annotation:poems
Author:Sweeney, Tonya; Dong, Vanessa; Dong, Vivlen; Portillo, Priscilla
Publication:Children's Digest
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jan 1, 1999
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