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PAEDO PAID MUMS TO ABUSE KIDS FOR HIM; Sick dad-of-two had extreme images on PC.


A PAEDOPHILE who collected a "vast" collection of animal and child porn was jailed for paying to have children abused by their own mothers.

Dangerous Peter Daly, 54, trawled the web for five years searching out the sickest images and videos of child abuse which he shared online through Skype chats with female perverts.

The Crosby dad-of-two was snared when police carrying out another investigation came across Paypal transfers he had made to women in Thailand to pay them for carrying out his horrific whims on their young children to order.

When police raided his home on Endsleigh Road, Crosby, in August last year and asked him if they would find illegal images, he replied: "I've got them. They're on the computer next door. Yeah, every type. Animals, gay, everything."

Peter Hussey, prosecuting, told Liverpool Crown Court that 669 "extreme porn" images were discovered showing animals including "fish, marine animals, reptiles, land animals and birds" being used in sex acts.

They also found 2,723 movies and pictures of child abuse including "the sadistic mistreatment and cruelty of children of extreme youth".

Judge Thomas Teague, QC, clarified: "Babies. They include the most shocking I have ever seen."

He admitted on 15 occasions directing women in Thailand to carry out sex acts on their own daughters for PS3 or PS6 a time.

In one extract, he asked a woman how old her daughter was and when she told him she was 12 he replied: "Too old." He then told her to wake up her five-year-old daughter, and instructed the mother to abuse her.

Daly pleaded guilty to 24 counts including making indecent images of children by downloading them between 2008 and 2013, distributing indecent images of children, possession of extreme pornography, possession of indecent images of children and inciting other to commit sexual offences.

Christopher McMaster, defending, said Daly, who was a manager at a soya bean factory, had begun to look at legal porn but by "very small steps" all of a sudden found himself in his present situation.

He added that he was "a successful, hard-working, family man" who had not set out to commit to child sex crimes.

Judge Teague jailed Daly for eight years and added an extended licence of five years, saying: "I have no doubt you are a dangerous pederast."

He added: "You actively encouraged women outside this country to carry out sex acts on their own children aged five or six.

"You were watching the women abuse their children live over the internet connection.

"Of all the people you chose to enlist in the commission of these acts with you, you chose their mothers. It is difficult to imagine a more shocking betrayal."
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jul 1, 2014
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