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Packeteer (NASDAQ:PKTR), Cupertino, Calif. Cupertino, Calif. the global leader in WAN Application Delivery, has announced that ROEL(r) Construction, one of the leading commercial building contractors in the western U.S., is deploying PacketShaper(r) and iShared(tm) systems throughout its network to dramatically improve application performance, eliminate the need for costly WAN link upgrades and consolidate remote servers into a centralized datacenter.

ROEL Construction Company provides commercial building construction and general contracting services to private sector customers in the western U.S. The company operates from both permanent branch offices and temporary construction site offices across the region, ranging in size from three to more than 60 employees. Efficient communications and coordination among employees and subcontractors is essential to maintaining the company's cherished reputation for completing projects on time and within budget.

"Despite using a T1 or other higher speed service to connect each office, our increased application and data transfer load started to create performance problems that directly impacted our business," explains Kevin Fitzpatrick, ROEL's IT director. Faced with a costly increase in WAN bandwidth at every office, the company began investigating alternatives. =20

To address these application performance and circuit upgrade issues, Fitzpatrick decided to deploy Packeteer's PacketShaper in a trial project at the recommendation of a senior IT associate. "The visibility of network traffic was remarkable and there was an immediate improvement in throughput once some initial traffic shaping rules were applied. It turns out that a default setting on the management console for our enterprise anti-virus application was checking the status of every device on the network every five minutes, causing excessive bandwidth usage. Even the firewall was blind to this as it appeared to be regular network traffic. Our lack of traffic visibility caused us to unknowingly struggle with this problem for over a year. If it weren't for the PacketShaper, we may have never found the problem."

Based on the successful trial, Fitzpatrick began deploying PacketShaper appliances at the company's remote offices and a larger construction site. "By avoiding a WAN circuit upgrade, we were able to pay for the PacketShaper investment in approximately nine months," Fitzpatrick claims. "And that payback calculation doesn't take into account the improvement in productivity and reduction in IT support."

The improvement in application and bandwidth performance enabled Fitzpatrick and his staff to consider a solution to another problem: backing up the company's distributed data over the WAN. "Previously, we had some of our data stored locally on servers at the remote offices, but we couldn't get our distributed workforce to take local tape backups seriously. So, we started using WAN based backups, which-with the way our remote site data had grown-were difficult to manage over our Internet connections. Reliable backups are critical to our disaster recovery capabilities, but we found ourselves sacrificing both time and bandwidth to maintain our WAN backups."

Working with 1903 Solutions (, a local network integrator specializing in application acceleration, availability and scalability, Fitzpatrick found that he could completely centralize the network architecture and eliminate the need for servers at remote offices using Packeteer's iShared system. iShared combines wide area file service (WAFS) acceleration, application-intelligent caching, distributed file system and single-instance storage, and dictionary-based compression into an integrated branch-office appliance.

"iShared is a much better solution to our data integrity and disaster recovery needs," Fitzpatrick explains. "We no longer need to worry about failed WAN backups or server hardware problems causing a loss of critical onsite data. Our users can't tell we're using caching, and they can continue to access files even if a WAN link goes down." The iShared deployment also enabled ROEL to move forward with another project to create an all-Windows(r) environment by displacing the remote NetWare(r) servers. "With PacketShaper and iShared we are now able to centrally manage our entire network from San Diego far more effectively and easily than ever before. And this will be a huge advantage as the company continues to grow and expand its regional office locations."

About ROEL Construction

Founded on integrity, quality and trust, 2007 marks a major milestone for ROEL- the recognition of its continual ability to deliver construction excellence for nine decades. Whether the job involves small tenant improvements or large scale new construction, ROEL provides a wide array of expertise to ensure an unparalleled client experience. ROEL has nine times been awarded both the American General Contractor of the Year and the Large General Contractor of the Year from the American Subcontractors Association. Additionally, the 2007 McGraw-Hill Engineering News-Record ranked ROEL 209th amongst the nation's 400 largest general contractors. ROEL has offices in San Diego, Las Vegas, Irvine, Bullhead City, and Palm Springs. In addition to general construction, ROEL provides tenant improvement, structural concrete, and consulting services.

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About Packeteer

Packeteer is the global leader in WAN Application Delivery. Packeteer's solutions provide an intelligent, unified and adaptive approach to monitor, shape, and optimize applications, delivering the best user experience for any application to any location.

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