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PA Treasury's Unclaimed Property eBay(TM) Auction Reaches $100,000 in Sales; Hafer Lists Special Unclaimed Jewelry for Holiday Shoppers.

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- It took just six months for the nation's only continuous unclaimed property online auction to top $100,000 in total sales. To celebrate the milestone, State Treasurer Barbara Hafer is listing some very special

jewelry for holiday shoppers.

"We've sold more than 1,200 items in all," Hafer said, "from costume jewelry for as little as $2.25 to a Rolex watch for as much as $2,750. Items have been sold worldwide to people as far away as Singapore, Hawaii, France, Puerto Rico and Germany.

"To celebrate our success and mark the holiday shopping season," Hafer said, "we are listing some very special items." Jewelry on sale today, direct from the Treasury vault, includes:
 -- A 2.06 carat, round, brilliant-cut loose diamond, with a color grade of
 K and clarity grade of S12. Bidding starts at $3,800.
 -- A ladies' 14 karat yellow gold engagement ring with one brilliant-cut
 1.13 carat diamond, color grade K-L and clarity grade is VS1. Bidding
 starts at $2,000.
 -- A ladies' platinum engagement ring with one old European-cut 1.11 carat
 diamond mounted in a six prong recessed setting; color grade is J-K and
 the clarity grade is VS1. Bidding starts at $1,400.
 -- A men's 10 karat gold herringbone chain, 248.6 grams of gold with a 10
 karat yellow gold lobster clasp. Bidding starts at $900.
 -- A 14 karat yellow gold Waltham pocket watch with yellow gold watch fob;
 serial number dates the movement of the watch to 1903 (watch is
 currently not running). Bidding starts at $400.
 -- A ladies' platinum engagement ring with 1.34 carat round diamond set in
 the center with baguette diamonds set on each side; ring is engraved
 with Cartier on the shank, color grade on the larger diamond is L-N and
 the clarity grade is SI1. Bidding starts at $1,300.

In addition, the Treasury is auctioning numerous other items of lesser value, including jewelry, watches and collectibles. Said Hafer: "We have the perfect gift in every price range and we're continuously adding new items."

Prospective bidders can see all of Treasury's current auction items by either going to the Treasury Web site - - and clicking on the auction logo, or by going to eBay(TM) and searching under the seller name treasurerhafer.

The Treasury will accept personal checks, money orders and cashier's checks, but encourages buyers to use the safer, faster and easier online payment system. Online payment allows buyers to use Visa or MasterCard, or make direct payments from their checking account.

Hafer said Treasury's online auction has had an overwhelmingly positive response from eBay users. Among buyers' comments to date: "Better than expected! Truly wonderful surprise!"; "Super seller, quick responses, very well packaged, highly recommend;" "Nice item! Perfectly described!"; "Customer service in the vault is like no other - wonderful - excellent!"; "Will make nice Xmas gift!"

And the comment Hafer called her personal favorite: "I wish the rest of the government worked this well! RECOMMENDED."

Treasury's Unclaimed Property Bureau is continually receiving new property that comes from businesses, banks and from police departments which are required by law to turn over the state assets that have been abandoned for seven years or more.

Most of the tangible property being auctioned comes either from abandoned safe-deposit boxes or from police departments. Before any item is auctioned, extensive efforts are made to find the rightful owner, Hafer emphasized. Should an owner come forward after an item is auctioned, the owner would receive the full amount the item sold for, Hafer added.

Hafer said, "The Internet enables us to reach a world-wide market with thousands of prospective bidders, so we can be confident the price we receive for an item represents its true value. Additionally, selling online allows us to avoid the high overhead costs of traditional auctions."

The money from Treasury's unclaimed property auction goes to the state's general fund.

(NOTE: A list of all items currently being auctioned follows)

PA Treasury's Unclaimed Property Special Jewelry Auction for Holiday Shoppers
 Description End Date
 Men's Movado Watch Dec-10-01 05:39:55
 1.09 Ct Loose Diamond Dec-10-01 06:17:01
 Men's Gold Ring Dec-10-01 07:19:14
 Men's Diamond Fashion Ring Dec-10-01 06:47:52
 Men's Gold Jewelry Dec-10-01 10:28:11
 Assorted Gold Jewelry Dec-11-01 08:19:19
 Men's 10K Yellow Gold Ring Dec-11-01 08:33:48
 Men's 14K Gold Ring Dec-11-01 08:44:33
 Cameo Pin Dec-11-01 08:56:45
 Ladies' Fashion Watch Dec-11-01 09:09:52
 Diamond Fashion Ring Dec-11-01 09:20:51
 Lot of Assorted Coins Dec-11-01 09:43:23
 Assorted Silver Dollars Dec-11-01 09:53:03
 Ladies' Fashion Jewelry Dec-11-01 09:57:51
 14K Gold Chains Dec-11-01 10:03:30
 Men's Diamond Fashion Ring Dec-11-01 10:08:19
 Assorted Rings Dec-11-01 10:16:21
 Christmas Pins Dec-11-01 10:22:24
 Ladies' Diamond Cluster Ring Dec-11-01 10:32:10
 Assorted Coins Dec-11-01 10:34:15
 Ladies' Diamond Ring Dec-11-01 10:44:07
 1956 Proof Set of Coins Dec-11-01 10:49:05
 Assorted Rhinestone Jewelry Dec-11-01 10:53:01
 1984 Krugerrand - 1/10 oz. Fine Gold Dec-11-01 10:59:43
 10K Gold Fashion Ring Dec-11-01 11:08:36
 Assorted Jewelry Dec-11-01 11:13:29
 14K Gold Bracelet with Cultured Pearls Dec-12-01 05:56:19
 Stuyvesant Pocket Watch Dec-12-01 06:08:08
 14K Gold Pin with Cultured Pearls Dec-12-01 06:15:37
 10K Gold Chain Dec-12-01 06:32:27
 Ladies' .97 Ct Diamond Engagement Ring Dec-12-01 07:10:48
 14K Gold Bracelet Dec-12-01 07:15:40
 Ladies' 1.63 Ct Diamond Engagement Ring Dec-12-01 08:16:29
 18K White Gold .46 Ct Diamond Ring Dec-12-01 08:18:31
 Diamond and Pearl Pendant Dec-12-01 08:24:56
 .37 Ct. Loose Diamond Dec-12-01 08:31:48
 Ladies' Diamond Earrings Dec-12-01 08:37:38
 1.02 Ct. Ladies' Diamond Engagement Ring Dec-12-01 08:47:02
 Diamond Heart Pendant Dec-12-01 09:04:43
 1.01 Ct. Ladies' Diamond Engagement Ring Dec-12-01 09:25:43
 Ladies' Platinum and Diamond Watch Dec-12-01 09:37:01
 14K Rope Chain Dec-12-01 09:41:54
 Ladies' Diamond Fashion Ring Dec-12-01 09:53:27
 Men's 14K Gold Diamond Ring Dec-12-01 09:54:36
 14K Gold Chain with Charm Dec-13-01 05:26:16
 10K Gold Fashion Ring Dec-13-01 05:34:49
 2.06 Ct Loose Diamond Dec-13-01 05:34:49
 Ladies' Platinum 1.11 Ct. Diamond Ring Dec-13-01 05:34:49
 14K Gold Waltham Pocketwatch with Fob Dec-13-01 05:34:49
 10K Men's Herringbone Chain Dec-13-01 05:34:49
 Ladies' 1.13 Ct Diamond Ring Dec-13-01 05:34:49
 1988 Gold American Eagle Coin Dec-13-01 05:34:49
 1.34 Ct Diamond Ring with Cartier Shank Dec-13-01 05:34:49
 18K Gold Diamond Fashion Ring Dec-13-01 05:34:49
 1999 Silver Eagles Dec-13-01 05:34:49
 Platinum .98 Ct Diamond Ring Dec-13-01 05:34:49
 Men's Bulova Watch Dec-13-01 05:34:49

Contact: Steve Schell of the Pennsylvania Department of the Treasury, +1-717-787-2991, or

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