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PA TV Glorifies Terrorists Responsible for Maalot Massacre Tattoo-Based Holocaust Education Tool Causes Stir Ethiopian New Immigrant Crowned Miss Israel 2013.


Official Palestinian Authority TV broadcast a tribute this past week to the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which was responsible for the 1974 Maalot massacre in northern Israel.

According to Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), the tribute included a poster honoring three Arab terrorists of the DFLP who infiltrated the town of Maalot in northern Israel in May 1974, murdering 22 children, four adults, and wounding dozens more. The PA TV tribute also honored terrorists who killed four civilians in the Israeli city of Beit Shean, describing them as "the heroes of Beit Shean, the pride of the Palestinian revolution."

Last year Palestinian Media Watch reported that PA TV repeatedly broadcast some of these same posters honoring terrorists from the DFLP, more than 10 times in one week. The tributes included glorification of the terrorist "Martyrs," as well as their many terror attacks, in which dozens of Israeli civilians were murdered, according to PMW.

>TI Tattoo-Based Holocaust Education Tool Causes Stir By The Times of Israel

A new Holocaust education initiative has kicked up a small storm, with some people slamming the idea while others, including survivors and their families, embrace it. The initiative calls for the distribution of fake tattoos that participants will place on their forearms, bearing numbers assigned to real survivors of Nazi concentration camps. Using the cameras on their smartphones, the new tattoo-wearer can scan a small barcode next to the number and watch the survivor tell his or her story.

Dozens of survivors participated in the campaign, which was initiated by a prominent Israeli advertising firm that filmed their testimonies and formatted them for the application's special website, a report in Ma'ariv said Thursday.

Putting numbers on one's arm is tasteless and "makes cynical use of the Holocaust," said former Labor MK Colette Avital, who heads an umbrella organization for groups aiding Holocaust survivors. "We immediately rejected the initiative. It's unthinkable that children stick such stickers --- it cheapens the Holocaust."

But Yitzhak Faran told the newspaper that he and his family had been looking for a way to remember his late mother, who survived the horrors of Auschwitz. After realizing that the initiative was driven by genuinely "positive and pure" intentions, he gave it his blessing, he said.

"This project will expose children and teenagers to videos in which my mother tells what she went through, about her life as a true survivor," Faran was quoted as saying. "Harnessing today's technology to connect like this to the young generation is a blessing. It was always important to her that people remember what happened there."

The initiative was developed by Bauman-Bar-Ribanai, an Israeli advertising firm belonging to the international Saatchi & Saatchi Company. In a statement to Ma'ariv, the firm said the idea was to connect teenagers to the "real people" behind the numbered tattoo.

>TI Ethiopian New Immigrant Crowned Miss Israel 2013 By

Yityish (Titi) Aynaw, 21, of Netanya, was crowned Miss Israel 2013 on Wednesday night. She is the first Ethiopian-born woman who has won the beauty pageant.

In response to a question by one of the contest's judges, the new beauty queen said: "It's important to have a first (beauty) queen from the Ethiopian community. Israel has many ethnic groups and many colors, and it's important to show it to the world." Her remark received a warm round of applause from the audience at the Haifa Congress Center.

Yityish, which means "a look to the future" Amharic, served as an officer in the IDF and now runs a fashion store. She immigrated to Israel at the age of 12. "My aliyah was pretty tough," she said. "A new language, a modern society. I'm lucky to have had a friend, Noa, who befriended me from the start and helped me out. I didn't study in an ulpan. I was thrown into the deep water and learned the best that way."

Asked during the competition which historical character had influenced her the most, she mentioned Martin Luther King: "He fought for justice and equality, and that's one of the reasons I'm here -- to show that there are also good things in my community, which are not presented in the media. I see it as a mission to represent Israel's different colors. There are not enough dark-skinned models in Israel.

"I hope to become a successful model thanks to the contest and create a change in the perception of dark-skinned models. I would be happy to be the first Ethiopian television host, an Israeli Tyra Banks."

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