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P is for Please, A Bestiary of Manners.

P is for Please, A Bestiary of Manners

Lisa Tharpe, author

Ali Bahrampour, illustrator

Blueberry Ink Press

c/o 455 Central Park West #12 A, NY, NY 10025

9780982532010, $8.95

"P is for Please, A Bestiary of Manners" is a creative alphabet of courtesy, couched in polite animal form. Imaginatively illustrated in colors ranging from delicate to bright, "P is for Please..." presents some of the most gracious animal behavior in priceless display. Clever alliterative language underlines the alphabet letter being illustrated, as in "Quintana Quokka knows that there are quite a few locations where, without question, one must be quiet such as libraries, lecture halls, and anywhere quokkas gather to listen to quartets." A quokka, by the way, is a stocky Australian pademelon, or wallaby. "P is for Please, A Bestiary of Manners" is the best child's bestiary ever written or read by a parent. It will also be unforgettable for the child to whom it is read.

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Publication:Children's Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Dec 1, 2010
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