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P&S DataCom Corp. Partners with Nivis to Integrate WebChip Connectivity, Control, and Low-Cost Solutions Into Their Dynamic Product Line.

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MESA, Ariz. and ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 4, 2001

P&S DataCom and Net Integrated Virtual Intelligence Systems (Nivis) Thursday announced that they have formed a strategic alliance to use P&S' WebChip(TM) technology to augment their capabilities and provide their clients with the best, low-cost, and dynamic solutions possible.

The scope of the alliance will include both technical implementation and support.

The integration of Nivis' high-end technology development and consulting methodology with the WebChip(TM) solution and P&S expertise will provide a compelling solution for a wide range of industry leaders and niche players wanting to add Internet connectivity to any intelligent device.

"We feel that P&S' WebChip will allow us to augment our total enterprise to edge solution to our customers," said Keith Sciulli, vice president of business development at Nivis. "This alliance will allow Nivis to provide a very effective, low-cost solution for companies that want to easily interface, monitor, and manage intelligent devices from around the world or in the next room."

Nivis is uncovering the potential of the Internet to help optimize tomorrow's businesses. In essence, they devise the net integration of virtual intelligence systems, creating an exciting new generation of products focusing on the combination of communication and computation. Nivis is leading the efforts of wireless device automation and environmental management systems.

As a strong catalyst of technology applications for the future, many markets are planning, if not already beginning, to bridge their enterprise to edge devices. Enterprise to edge is planned to be the next incarnation of the Internet and a multi-billion dollar business. Nivis is a leader in this field.

Nivis provides complete wireless solutions for the remote control of devices and systems as well as interaction with central networks or enterprise accessibility for mobile computing services anytime, anywhere.

"We are delighted about the addition of Nivis to our family of partner alliances; they are leading the efforts of wireless device automation and environmental management systems," said Yidong Zhao, vice president and managing director at P&S DataCom.

"P&S' WebChip solution will allow Nivis to offer their products and services to a wider market since any of their existing designs can be easily upgraded with a low-cost WebChip."

P&S' revolutionary technology can be widely used in building controls, security systems, computer products, communication products, factory automation, energy management, medical electronics, automotive electronics, and home appliances market segments.

Applications for the technology are virtually endless: any situation where it would be beneficial to manage and interact with an intelligent device (any device with at least one MCU) in a business, vehicle, or home from a worldwide remote location.

They vary from the simple time-saver, such as utility companies checking the status of remote sites and performing maintenance tests; to functions like automobiles automatically reporting a malfunction or breakdown and being directed to a nearby repair shop; to even more critical functions such as health centers monitoring people's health conditions through a wrist watch-type device.

P&S DataCom has invented a simple, low-cost connectivity solution that allows any existing MCU-based intelligent device to be easily connected to the Internet through the WebChip(TM) module and any open system gateway.

The solution includes WebChip(TM) firmware and hardware, MCUnet(TM) and MCUap(TM) protocols. The major functionality of the P&S WebChip(TM) is to turn data related to various intelligent device activities and tasks into objects and map them through different communication interfaces between the intelligent device and the Internet.

MCUnet(TM) works like the Rosetta stone to allow any intelligent device to seamlessly communicate with P&S' WebChip(TM) through industry standard SPI or I2C interface. MCUap(TM) is P&S' other protocol that allows the WebChip(TM) to talk to any open system gateway through nearly all physical links like RS-232, RS-485, modem, USB, 900MHz, Bluetooth, Powerline, and CAN.

The WebChip(TM) solution will provide users with an easy upgrade to any intelligent device, simple and fast to develop and install. The solution is also client application, operating systems, platform, communication protocol, and MCU independent.

Combining WebChip(TM) development kits with ProSyst software, MCU developers can now design intelligent device products for ubiquitous worldwide remote access, monitoring, and supervision with easy design, user-friendly software.

About Nivis

Nivis was founded in 1999 to provide total custom hardware and software solutions and system integration services. Nivis consists of system architects, engineers, and developers in the United States and Europe. Nivis has set new standards and has quickly become an industry leader.

Nivis ranks among its core competencies four major areas: industrial controls, including wireless data capture with Internet management, multimedia development industrial controls, engineering services and state-of-the-art Web hosting.

Nivis develops efficient business intelligence systems. By unleashing the potential of the Internet to optimize the wireless mobile environment by enabling businesses to have greater access to information, become more productive, and profit from new opportunities, Nivis takes enterprises to the edge. For more information, please visit

About P&S

P&S DataCom Corp. (metro Phoenix based) develops, markets, and sells total open system solutions that allow bi-directional connectivity between intelligent devices and the Internet. P&S Electronics, the parent company, has a 10-year history of providing MCU application solutions and three years R&D in MCU connectivity technology.

P&S has seven patent-pending MCU interface and network protocol technologies that allow for inexpensive and efficient worldwide Internet remote monitoring, supervision, and control of intelligent devices.

The P&S total system solution includes WebChip(TM) silicon, MCUnet(TM) and MCUap(TM) open protocols that allow any existing intelligent device to be accessed worldwide with the Internet through any gateway. The gateway can be fixed or mobile; therefore, the solution will work equally as well with set top boxes and PCs, as with mobile gateways, such as mobile phones and PDAs.

The company's Web site addresses are and
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Date:Oct 4, 2001
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