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Oxygen-delivery equipment. (Product Marketplace).

Transtracheal Systems, Inc., manufactures and markets a complete line of products to improve oxygenation, ambulation, and quality of life for patients requiring continuous supplemental oxygen.

The company's core product for the past 15 years has been the SCOOP line of transtracheal oxygen catheters. These catheters are easily introduced into the trachea using the instruments supplied in the Fast Tract Procedure Pack. The procedure takes about 45 minutes, and is performed in the operating room with local and conscious sedation anesthesia.

The Fast Tract procedure most closely resembles a mini-trach with the creation of skin flaps. The skin flaps are used to fashion an epithelialized tract down to the anterior wall of the trachea. A custom punch and stenting device have been developed to ensure uniformity of the tracheal opening, as well as patient comfort and safety during the overnight stenting period.

The Fast Tract Starter Pack contains everything necessary for a Fast Tract procedure, as well as the first 90 days' supplies required by the patient for a smooth transition to transtracheal oxygen therapy.

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