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Oxygen candle technical advisory: MMCS(SS) Garrison.

Two British Submariners died and another received serious injuries onboard HMS Tireless when an oxygen candle furnace exploded. COMSUBFOR issued a message, DTG 271414Z Feb 09, to raise awareness, provide background and details of the incident, and directed all units to take action to prevent a similar mishap on our submarines. Submarines were required to inform their ISIC and TYCOM via Naval Message when all actions were complete.

Each submarine was required to take the following actions:

1. Use Tech Note 09-02 COMSUBFOR message to supplement existing procedures with the Tech Note guidance until permanent changes to SSM Vol. 4 Part 3 Chapter 2, Oxygen and Nitrogen systems and SSM Vol. 6 Part 3 Book 11 OI-635-2 Oxygen system operation Section 2, Oxygen Candle Furnace system operation have permanent changes made to them.

2. Conduct an initial Auxiliary Division and supervisor training session on the Tech Note contents and semi-annually thereafter until cancelled.

3. Insert a copy of Tech Note 09-02 into EA01 WC PMS Space Manual adjacent to MIP 5154/009 for the Oxygen Candle Furnace.

4. Place a laminated copy of Tech Note 09-02 in vicinity of each Oxygen Candle Furnace for operator ready reference. One extremely important thing to take away from this Tech Note is the list of locations where storage is prohibited. Do not store oxygen candles in the following locations: TDU void, any empty spaces under or above the Main Engines and SSTGS due to the potential for oil contamination, any bilge or outboard location where the candles may come into contact with oil.

The Tech Note shall remain in effect until permanent changes to the above listed SSM's are issued.

Reference: O2 candle COMSUBFOR advisory message DTG 271414Z FEB 09 (SUBS) COMSUBFOR/COMSUBPAC Tech Note 09-02.

Big thanks for my co-author MMCS(SS) Rich Garrison (CSS-11 Auxiliaryman) for the SCBA Charging Hose and O2 candle advisory articles he submitted. As always, I look forward to receiving articles from the fleet.
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Date:Oct 1, 2009
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