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Articles from Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity (July 31, 2020)

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A Novel Molecular Mechanism of IKK[[epsilon]-Mediated Akt/mTOR Inhibition in the Cardiomyocyte Autophagy after Myocardial Infarction. He, Shuai; Shen, Jian; Li, Liangpeng; Xu, Yueyue; Cao, Yide; Yin, Li; Tao, Zhonghao; Qiu, Zhibing; C 5849
A Stereological Study of the Toxic Effects of Cerium Oxide during Pregnancy on Kidney Tissues in Neonatal NMRI Mice. Nemati, Afsaneh; Assadollahi, Vahideh; Peluso, Ilaria; Abbaszadeh, Abolfazl; Beigi-boroujeni, Mandan Report 8954
Ameliorative Effects of Bredemolic Acid on Markers Associated with Renal Dysfunction in a Diet-Induced Prediabetic Rat Model. Akinnuga, Akinjide Moses; Siboto, Angezwa; Khumalo, Bongiwe; Sibiya, Ntethelelo Hopewell; Ngubane, P 7172
An Immunohistochemical Study of the Increase in Antioxidant Capacity of Corneal Epithelial Cells by Molecular Hydrogen, Leading to the Suppression of Alkali-Induced Oxidative Stress. Cejka, Cestmir; Kossl, Jan; Holan, Vladimir; Zhang, John H.; Cejkova, Jitka Report 5523
Antidiabetic Potency, Antioxidant Effects, and Mode of Actions of Citrus reticulata Fruit Peel Hydroethanolic Extract, Hesperidin, and Quercetin in Nicotinamide/Streptozotocin-Induced Wistar Diabetic Rats. Ali, Alaa M.; Gabbar, Mohamed Abdel; Abdel-Twab, Sanaa M.; Fahmy, Eman M.; Ebaid, Hossam; Alhazza, I 15831
Astragalus membranaceus Injection Suppresses Production of Interleukin-6 by Activating Autophagy through the AMPK-mTOR Pathway in Lipopolysaccharide-Stimulated Macrophages. Zhang, Xiaoyan; Liang, Taigang; Yang, Wanxia; Zhang, Lanfang; Wu, Shuting; Yan, Chaoqun; Li, Qingsha 10297
Blockade of Adenosine [A.sub.2A] Receptor Protects Photoreceptors after Retinal Detachment by Inhibiting Inflammation and Oxidative Stress. Gao, Sha; Li, Na; Wang, Yanuo; Zhong, Yisheng; Shen, Xi 7454
Body Mass Index (BMI) and Its Influence on the Cardiovascular and Operative Risk Profile in Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Patients: Impact of Inflammation and Leptin. Buschmann, Katja; Wrobel, Julius; Chaban, Ryan; Rosch, Romina; Ghazy, Ahmed; Hanf, Alina; Schafer, K 5533
Ceftriaxone Calcium Crystals Induce Acute Kidney Injury by NLRP3-Mediated Inflammation and Oxidative Stress Injury. Yifan, Zhang; Benxiang, Ning; Zheng, Xu; Luwei, Xu; Yuzheng, Zhou Liuhua Ge; Ruipeng, Jia 5569
Colchicine Alleviates Cholesterol Crystal-Induced Endothelial Cell Pyroptosis through Activating AMPK/SIRT1 Pathway. Yang, Mengyue; Lv, Hang; Liu, Qi; Zhang, Lu; Zhang, Ruoxi; Huang, Xingtao; Wang, Xuedong; Han, Baihe 8186
Corrigendum to "Cathepsin B pH-Dependent Activity Is Involved in Lysosomal Dysregulation in Atrophic Age-Related Macular Degeneration". Voisin, Audrey; Monville, Christelle; Plancheron, Alexandra; Bere, Emile; Gaillard, Afsaneh; Levezie Correction notice 241
Dexmedetomidine Ameliorates Lung Injury Induced by Intestinal Ischemia/Reperfusion by Upregulating Cannabinoid Receptor 2, Followed by the Activation of the Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase/Akt Pathway. Chen, Meng; Yan, Xue-Tao; Ye, Li; Tang, Jun-Jiao; Zhang, Zong-Ze; He, Xiang-Hu 7460
Diet-Induced Obesity Mice Execute Pulmonary Cell Apoptosis via Death Receptor and ER-Stress Pathways after E. coli Infection. Wang, Fengyuan; Zuo, Zhicai; Chen, Kejie; Fang, Jing; Cui, Hengmin; Geng, Yi; Ouyang, Ping; Chen, Zh 6264
Drp-1 as Potential Therapeutic Target for Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Vascular Hyperpermeability. Luo, Xu; Cai, Shumin; Li, Yunfeng; Li, Guicheng; Cao, Yuanyuan; Ai, Chenmu; Gao, Youguang; Li, Tao 5235
Effect of Single Administration of Mulberry Milk on the Cognitive Function of 6-12-Year-Old Children: Results from a Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Crossover Study. Thukham-mee, Wipawee; Wattanathorn, Jintanporn; Kirisattayakul, Woranan; Wannanon, Panakaporn Clinical report 8387
Effects of the Insulted Neuronal Cells-Derived Extracellular Vesicles on the Survival of Umbilical Cord-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells following Cerebral Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury. Huang, Yan; Liu, Zuo; Tan, Fengbo; Hu, Zhiping; Lu, Ming 9360
Erratum to "Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Anthocyanins Extracted from Oryza sativa L. in Primary Dermal Fibroblasts". Palungwachira, Pakhawadee; Tancharoen, Salunya; Phruksaniyom, Chareerut; Klungsaeng,Sirinapha; Srich Correction notice 214
Exosomal CircHIPK3 Released from Hypoxia-Induced Cardiomyocytes Regulates Cardiac Angiogenesis after Myocardial Infarction. Wang, Yan; Zhao, Ranzun; Shen, Changyin; Liu, Weiwei; Yuan, Jinson; Li, Chaofu; Deng, Wenwen; Wang, 6966
Ganoderma lucidum Prevents Cisplatin-Induced Nephrotoxicity through Inhibition of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Signaling and Autophagy-Mediated Apoptosis. Mahran, Yasmen F.; Hassan, Hanan M. 8229
Gut Bacteria Selectively Altered by Sennoside A Alleviate Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity Traits. Wei, Zhonghong; Shen, Peiliang; Cheng, Peng; Lu, Yin; Wang, Aiyun; Sun, Zhiguang 8592
Hexachloronaphthalene Induces Mitochondrial-Dependent Neurotoxicity via a Mechanism of Enhanced Production of Reactive Oxygen Species. Lisek, Malwina; Stragierowicz, Joanna; Guo, Feng; Prosseda, Philipp P.; Wiktorska, Magdalena; Ferenc 10926
Hydroxy-[alpha]-sanshool Possesses Protective Potentials on [H.sub.2][O.sub.2]-Stimulated PC12 Cells by Suppression of Oxidative Stress-Induced Apoptosis through Regulation of PI3K/Akt Signal Pathway. Li, Ruo-Lan; Zhang, Qing; Liu, Jia; Sun, Jia-yi; He, Li-Ying; Duan, Hu-Xinyue; Peng, Wei; Wu, Chun-J 7076
Identification of Potential Inhibitors of Calcium/Calmodulin-Dependent Protein Kinase IV from Bioactive Phytoconstituents. Gupta, Preeti; Khan, Shama; Fakhar, Zeynab; Hussain, Afzal; Rehman, Tabish; AlAjmi, Mohamed F.; Isla 8775
Impact on Longevity of Genetic Cardiovascular Risk and Lifestyle including Red Meat Consumption. da Silva, Alda Pereira; Costa, Maria do Ceu; Aguiar, Laura; Matos, Andreia; Gil, Angela; Gorjao-Clar 9836
Inhibition of ERR[alpha] Aggravates Sepsis-Induced Acute Lung Injury in Rats via Provoking Inflammation and Oxidative Stress. Xia, Wenfang; Pan, Zhou; Zhang, Huanming; Zhou, Qingshan; Liu, Yu 4856
Itaconate: A Metabolite Regulates Inflammation Response and Oxidative Stress. Li, Ruidong; Zhang, Peng; Wang, Yaxin; Tao, Kaixong 8986
Magnolol Ameliorates Behavioral Impairments and Neuropathology in a Transgenic Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease. Xian, Yan-Fang; Qu, Chang; Liu, Yue; Ip, Siu-Po; Yuan, Qiu-Ju; Yang, Wen; Lin, Zhi-Xiu 9977
Melatonin against Myocardial Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury: A Meta-analysis and Mechanism Insight from Animal Studies. Mao, Zhi-Jie; Lin, Hui; Xiao, Fang-Yi; Huang, Zhou-Qing; Chen, Yi-He 6917
Metformin Protects ARPE-19 Cells from Glyoxal-Induced Oxidative Stress. Qu, Sichang; Zhang, Chaoyang; Liu, Dandan; Wu, Jing; Tian, Haibin; Lu, Lixia; Xu, Guo-Tong; Liu, Fan 7174
Minireview on the Connections between the Neuropsychiatric and Dental Disorders: Current Perspectives and the Possible Relevance of Oxidative Stress and Other Factors. Ciobica, Alin; Padurariu, Manuela; Curpan, Alexandrina; Antioch, Iulia; Chirita, Roxana; Stefanescu, 10200
Mitogen- and Stress-Activated Protein Kinase 1 Mediates Alcohol-Upregulated Transcription of Brf1 and tRNA Genes to Cause Phenotypic Alteration. Lin, Mingen; Huang, Chenghao; Ren, Wenfeng; Chen, Jun; Xia, Ningshao; Zhong, Shuping 6745
Molecular Mechanisms of Ferroptosis and Its Role in Pulmonary Disease. Tao, Ningning; Li, Kang; Liu, Jingjing 9506
NMR-Based Metabonomic Study Reveals Intervention Effects of Polydatin on Potassium Oxonate-Induced Hyperuricemia in Rats. Han, Bin; Gong, Mengjuan; Li, Zhong; Qiu, Yuqin; Zou, Zhongjie 5957
Oxidative Stress and Neuroinflammation Potentiate Each Other to Promote Progression of Dopamine Neurodegeneration. He, Jingyi; Zhu, Guofu; Wang, Guoqing; Zhang, Feng 10152
Oxidative Stress Markers Differ in Two Placental Dysfunction Pathologies: Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension and Intrauterine Growth Restriction. Zygula, Aleksandra; Kosinski, Przemyslaw; Wroczynski, Piotr; Makarewicz-Wujec, Magdalena; Pietrzak, 9897
PI3K/Akt and ERK1/2 Signalling Are Involved in Quercetin-Mediated Neuroprotection against Copper-Induced Injury. Zubcic, Klara; Radovanovic, Vedrana; Vlainic, Josipa; Hof, Patrick R.; Orsolic, Nada; Simic, Goran; 10184
Potential Therapeutic Role of Dietary Supplementation with Spirulina platensis on the Erectile Function of Obese Rats Fed a Hypercaloric Diet. Diniz, Anderson Fellyp Avelino; de Souza, Iara Leao Luna; Ferreira, Elba dos Santos; de Lima Carvalh 10632
Pristimerin Exacerbates Cellular Injury in Conditionally Reprogrammed Patient-Derived Lung Adenocarcinoma Cells by Aggravating Mitochondrial Impairment and Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress through EphB4/CDC42/N-WASP Signaling. Tang, Yubo; Lei, Yiyan; Huang, Shuai; Li, Zhangyan; Chen, Xiangtian; Luo, Honghe; Cheng, Chao; Chen, 11834
Protection against UVB-Induced Photoaging by Nypa fruticans via Inhibition of MAPK/AP-1/MMP-1 Signaling. Choi, Hee-Jeong; Alam, Md Badrul; Baek, Mi-Eun; Kwon, Yoon-Gyung; Lim, Ji-Young; Lee, Sang-Han 7637
Protective Activities of Dendrobium huoshanense C. Z. Tang et S. J. Cheng Polysaccharide against High-Cholesterol Diet-Induced Atherosclerosis in Zebrafish. Fan, Xiangcheng; Han, Jichun; Zhu, Lijun; Chen, Zhipeng; Li, Jiajing; Gu, Yue; Wang, Feng; Wang, Tao 5634
Red Ginseng Inhibits Tau Aggregation and Promotes Tau Dissociation In Vitro. Shin, Soo Jung; Park, Yong Ho; Jeon, Seong Gak; Kim, Sujin; Nam, Yunkwon; Oh, Sang-Muk; Lee, Yong Yo 7590
Remedying the Mitochondria to Cure Human Diseases by Natural Products. Mu, Jian-Kang; Li, Yan-Qin; Shi, Ting-Ting; Yu, Li-Ping; Yang, Ya-Qin; Gu, Wen; Li, Jing-Ping; Yu, J 9118
Renal Progenitor Cells Have Higher Genetic Stability and Lower Oxidative Stress than Mesenchymal Stem Cells during In Vitro Expansion. de Freitas Siqueira Silva, Elis Roselia Dutra; Neto, Napoleao Martins Argolo; de Oliveira Bezerra, D 5923
Role of Mesencephalic Astrocyte-Derived Neurotrophic Factor in Alcohol-Induced Liver Injury. Chhetri, Goma; Liang, Yanyan; Shao, Juntang; Han, Dan; Yang, Yi; Hou, Chao; Wang, Peng; Tao, XiaoFan 7470
Role of Prefrontal Cortex on Recognition Memory Deficits in Rats following 6-OHDA-Induced Locus Coeruleus Lesion. Sampaio, Tuane Bazanella; Marques, Naiani Ferreira; Binder, Luisa Bandeira; Tasca, Carla Ines; Predi 6207
Salidroside-Mediated Autophagic Targeting of Active Src and Caveolin-1 Suppresses Low-Density Lipoprotein Transcytosis across Endothelial Cells. Bai, Xiangli; Jia, Xiong; Lu, Yajing; Zhu, Lin; Zhao, Ying; Cheng, Wenzhuo; Shu, Meng; Jin, Si 8024
Salvianolic Acid B Improves Postresuscitation Myocardial and Cerebral Outcomes in a Murine Model of Cardiac Arrest: Involvement of Nrf2 Signaling Pathway. Ji, Qing-Qi; Li, Yan-Jie; Wang, Ying-Hua; Wang, Zi; Fang, Liang; Shen, Lan; Lu, Yan-Qiao; Shen, Ling 9402
Sea Cucumber Peptides Improved the Mitochondrial Capacity of Mice: A Potential Mechanism to Enhance Gluconeogenesis and Fat Catabolism during Exercise for Improved Antifatigue Property. Yu, Yihao; Wu, Guoqing; Jiang, Yuge; Li, Bowen; Feng, Chuanxing; Ge, Yueting; Le, Han; Jiang, Liang; 9668
Secoisolariciresinol Diglucoside Delays the Progression of Aging-Related Diseases and Extends the Lifespan of Caenorhabditis elegans via DAF-16 and HSF-1. Lu, Min; Tan, Lin; Zhou, Xiao-Gang; Yang, Zhong-Lin; Zhu, Qing; Chen, Jian-Ning; Luo, Huai-Rong; Wu, 8218
Sinapic Acid Attenuates Cardiovascular Disorders in Rats by Modulating Reactive Oxygen Species and Angiotensin Receptor Expression. Aldubayan, Maha A.; Ahmed, Amira S.; Emara, Ashraf M.; Ahmed, Ahmed A.; Elgharabawy, Rehab M. 10154
SOCS2 Inhibits Mitochondrial Fatty Acid Oxidation via Suppressing LepR/JAK2/AMPK Signaling Pathway in Mouse Adipocytes. Zhang, Tiantian; Chen, Yizhe; Cai, Jiarui; Pan, Miao; Sun, Qian; Zhang, Jing; Sun, Chao 8182
Sodium Butyrate-Modulated Mitochondrial Function in High-Insulin Induced HepG2 Cell Dysfunction. Zhao, Tingting; Gu, Junling; Zhang, Huixia; Wang, Zhe; Zhang, Wenqian; Zhao, Yonghua; Zheng, Ying; Z 6525
The Estimation of Blood Paramagnetic Center Changes during Burns Management with Biodegradable Propolis-Nanofiber Dressing. Olczyk, Pawel; Komosinska-Vassev, Katarzyna; Krzyminiewski, Ryszard; Kasperczyk, Janusz; Ramos, Pawe 5974
The Inhibition of miR-873 Provides Therapeutic Benefit in a Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Neuroinflammatory Model of Parkinson's Disease. Wu, Jinhua; Yu, Xuming; Xue, Ke; Wu, Juan; Wang, Rongyan; Xie, Xianfei; Li, Ke; Yang, Zheqiong; Yue, 8077
The MUC5B Mucin Is Involved in Paraquat-Induced Lung Inflammation. Sun, Hao; Jiang, Yunfei; Song, Yang; Zhang, Xiaomin; Wang, Jun; Zhang, Jinsong; Kang, Jian 6628
The Radioprotective Effect of Procaine and Procaine-Derived Product Gerovital H3 in Lymphocytes from Young and Aged Individuals. Ungurianu, Anca; Margina, Denisa; Borsa, Claudia; Ionescu, Cristina; von Scheven, Gudrun; Oziol, Luc 7636
Vascular Inflammation Is a Risk Factor Associated with Brain Atrophy and Disease Severity in Parkinson's Disease: A Case-Control Study. Yu, Chiun-Chieh; Chen, Hsiu-Ling; Chen, Meng-Hsiang; Lu, Cheng-Hsien; Tsai, Nai-Wen; Huang, Chih-Che Report 8879

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