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Oxidation in food and beverages and antioxidant: applications volume 1.

Hardback 408 pages [pounds sterling]155.00

The first volume focuses on oxidation mechanisms and antioxidant activity.


1. Understanding oxidation processes in foods 2. Metals and food oxidation 3. The impact of singlet oxygen on lipid oxidation in foods 4. Heme proteins and oxidation in fresh and processed meats 5. Lipoxygenase and lipid oxidation in foods 6. Understanding and reducing oxidative flavour deterioration in foods 7. Health aspects of oxidised dietary fats 8. Methods to determine the extent of lipid oxidation in foods 9. Methods for food shelf life determination and prediction 10. Understanding antioxidant mechanisms in preventing oxidation in food 11. Protein antioxidants for the stabilisation of lipid foods: current and potential applications 12. Synthetic and natural antioxidant additives in food stabilisation: current applications and future research 13. Effects of food structure and ingredient interactions on antioxidant capacity 14. Assessing the activity of natural food antioxidants 15. Effects of processing and storage on antioxidant efficacy in foods 15. Effects in food processing and storage on antioxidant efficacy in foods 16. Antioxidant active food packaging and antioxidant edible films.

Edited by Eric A. Decker, Ryan J. Ell. and D. Julian McClements
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Comment:Oxidation in food and beverages and antioxidant: applications volume 1.
Author:Decker, Eric A.; Ellas, Ryan J.; McClements, Julian
Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Mar 1, 2011
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