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Oxford University Press announces English language updates to Oxford Dictionaries.


Oxford University Press, the publishing department of the University of Oxford, announced on Thursday that it has added new words to its free online dictionary of English,

New words, senses and phrases are added to the dictionary when enough independent evidence from a range of sources has been gathered by editors which show that these words are widely used in English. The latest updates include new entries such as adorbs, binge-watch, cray, humblebrag, listicle, neckbeard, SMH, side boob, vape and YOLO.

Words commonly used in media, such as hate-watch, listicle, live-tweet, second screen, sentiment analysis, cord cutting, and hyperconnected have also been added to New technology related entries include acquihire, clickbait, Deep Web, dox, fast follower, geocache, in silico, octocopter, responsive, smartwatch and tech-savvy. also includes new informal or slang terms, such as Bank of Mum and Dad, bro hug, cray, hench, hot mess, humblebrag, mansplain, side-eye and spit-take.

In addition, initialisms and abbreviations have been added to Oxford Dictionaries. These include SMH, short for 'shake my head'; WDYT, the acronym for 'what do you think?'; YOLO, the abbreviation for 'you only live once'); and ICYMI, intials for 'in case you missed it'.

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Date:Aug 15, 2014
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