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Oxford Handbook of Renal Nursing.

Oxford Handbook of Renal Nursing

Authors: Edited by Althea Mahon, Karen Jenkins, Lisa Burnapp

Year of publication: 2013

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Paperback 640 pages, $48.47

ISBN: 9780199600533

The latest edition to the comprehensive series of Oxford Handbooks focuses on renal nursing, with the aim of providing a quick and reliable reference tool and an evidence-based, multiprofessional guide to assist with clinical decision making.

The foreword provided by the National Clinical Director of Kidney Services (UK) focuses on the central role nurses play within the renal field. His inspirational commentary commences "renal nursing is a wonderful profession where attitudes and actions make a difference". His focus on communication and teamwork promoting patient satisfaction and improved outcomes resonates across the nursing profession. Likewise in the preface, the editors reflect upon the unique contribution that nurses make: to inspire today's nurses to become tomorrow's leaders.

From a clinical aspect the handbook contains 18 chapters from pathophysiology, types and stages of kidney disease, to complications, treatment options and pharmacology. Specific chapters on clinical assessment, hypertension and anaemia management, chronic kidney disease mineral and bone disorders ensure the clinical basis for the text remains focused on patient management. Chapter 17--Living with chronic kidney disease and renal replacement therapy--provides very topical nursing considerations on subjects such as psychological care, altered body image, challenging behaviour, health promotion, travel and exercise, to name a few. Four comprehensive appendices cover more detailed aspects of nursing admission, less common pathophysiology, fluid and electrolytes and person-centred care. These detailed sections of text, tables and case studies are appropriately brief but sufficiently detailed to give the reader practical skills and resources applicable to daily care requirements.

The handbook is easy to read in small-sized sections with key knowledge areas highlighted such as prevention, diagnosis or management. Tables, flow charts and dot points ensure easy reading with further reading sections provided at the end of each chapter, as well as references and an extensive list of patient information websites. This practical and comprehensive text is a must for all nephrology units and is an ideal resource for the novice and advanced nurse alike.

Review by: Angela Henson, Renal Educator, Princess Alexandra Hospital

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Author:Henson, Angela
Publication:Renal Society of Australasia Journal
Article Type:Book review
Date:Mar 1, 2014
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