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Owners turn to PM's for document review.

An ambiguous contract can be the downfall of a large construction project. Loosely worded contracts, which don't define the responsibilities of all the parties involved, leave the door wide open for claims and litigation should a breakdown in the construction process occur.

For this reason, top real estate and construction attorneys are turning to program and construction management experts for comprehensive construction document analysis, to ensure that ambiguities, deficiencies, and vague areas are eliminated before the contract is on the table.

The advantages of putting program management on the team during contract preparation, are many. Firms specializing in total project control have a wide range of technical services and expertise to offer, as well as the significant benefit of hands-on construction experience.

High powered construction attorneys and real estate contract specialists know that preconstruction planning and analysis is key to protecting the owner's investment by avoiding unnecessary change orders, construction cost overruns, delays, claims and litigation. Review of the construction documents by an expert frequently reveals information that is not included, or is insufficiently addressed in the contract.

Both public and private owners expect contract attorneys to have extensive knowledge of the construction process. Tri-Tech is often brought aboard by lawyers who understand the construction process, and the value of our 25 years of construction experience. They require professional input from someone familiar with the nuts and bolts of a job, as well as the intricate subtleties of what it takes to keep a project and the players on track.

Companies like Tri-Tech, that provide comprehensive expertise to municipal and private owners as well as institutional clients, are in demand. Knowledge of the different construction concerns and priorities of clients in both the public and private sectors is invaluable to an attorney whose experience has been exclusively in one sector.

Enlisting the services of a program management firm with a proven track record of providing meticulousaistation to detail in contract review, feasibility analyses, design constructability studies, pre-construction simulation, and pre-bid cost control scheduling, puts owner and counsel in a highly informed position right from the start, and that is no small advantage.
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Title Annotation:program management experts
Author:Geller, Richard
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Date:Jul 22, 1992
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