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Owners, beware of voiding your roof warranty.

Owners, beware of voiding your roof warranty

As today's poor economic conditions continue to cause building owners to restrict their budgets, a building's exterior envelope unfortunately receives less and less attention. Both commercial and residential building staffs, forced to cut back, reduce a building's preventative maintenance program. While this can have a significant long-term effect on the building, it may have an immediate effect on voiding your roof warranty.

Many building owners are unaware that the warranty they receive on their building's roof can be voided if proper steps are not taken to ensure the maintenance of their roofs and to implement specific documentation procedures.

Owners have definite responsibilities regarding the maintenance and inspection of their building's newly installed roofs and these obligations are clearly spelled out in the fine print of all roof warranties. Careful review the fine print of the warranty will reveal the following owner requirements: 1. The building owner is responsible for periodically inspecting the roof 2. The building owner is required to ensure that the roof is free and clear of all debris 3. If the roof surface is damaged - for any reason - the building owner must immediately report to the roof manufacturer any break in the surface of the roof as well as the repair that is made

If these specific procedures are not followed, building owners risk voiding their roof warranty provided by the manufacturer. This could result in costly and needless repair and re-installation expenses.

How Can Owners Protect

Their Roof Warranty

The first step to protecting a roof warranty is to fully understand the obligations therein and to comply with the obligations and responsibilities set forth in the warranty.

Building owners can ensure their compliance with the conditions of the roof warranty by establishing a comprehensive roof inspection/repair program from the moment the warranty is in place. The objective of the program should be to keep the roof in excellent working and serviceable condition throughout the life of the roof warranty. Roofs receiving proper preventive maintenence should last a long time.

Comprehensive Roof

Inspection Repair Program

From the time of roof installation, the building owner should review the warranty and inspect the installed product against the elements outlined in the manufacturer's warranty.

Coordinate Two

Annual Inspections

These inspections should include a general cleaning of the roof and the fulfillment of basic maintenance requirements. A roofing specialist can assess, for a building owner, any areas of deterioration on the roof. Based on the evaluation, the owner should request a cost analysis for repairs as well as any other recommendations.

At the completion of the roof inspection the owner should have a written report on the condition of the roof as well as photographic report. This written data gives a building owner records with which to supply a manufacturer, outlining the owner's maintenance procedures required under the warranty.

Proper Documentation Procedure

Is An Owner's Safety

If, after a roof inspection is completed by the owner, the roof requires certain repairs, the roof manufacturer is held responsible for these repairs only if the owner has upheld the obligations and requirements of the warranty. Proper documentation secured through thorough inspection reports is proof of satisfactory upkeep of the conditions of the warranty and should be sent to the manufacturer with the request for repairs.

It is therefore the responsibility of the building owner to comply with the obligations of their roof warranty. Establishing a roof maintenance program such as the one outlined above ensures that an owner's roof warranty is not voided through negligence or error and also ensures that the owner's costly roof installation investment is preserved.
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