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Articles from Ovidius University Annals, Series Physical Education and Sport/Science, Movement and Health (June 15, 2016)

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A study on athletes' heart rate changing while performing a 21 days training course at an altitude of 2000m. Man, Maria Cristina; Ganera, Catalin Report 5682
Benefits of using Pilates apparatus in motor activities for keeping fit. Ispas, Gheorghe Andrei-Marius; Macovei, Sabina Report 3835
Biomechanical analysis of front crawl arm stroke and leg kick by tachograph measuring system. Batorova, Michaela; Motycka, Jaroslav; Stastny, Jan; Lepkova, Hana Report 4274
Coenzyme [Q.sub.10] and Cardiovascular System. Mehtap, Bekir; Tasgin, Erdal; Lok, Sefa Report 3325
Comparative evaluation of rehabilitation and actovegin treatment versus rehabilitation treatment in painful diabetic non insulin-dependent neuropathy. Docu, Any Axelerad; Docu, Daniel Axelerad; Frecus, Corina; Musat, George Report 2798
Comparative study between athletes in rhythmic gymnastics and dance anatomic and physiologic and development specific force. Iorga, Anca; Butu, Ioana Maria; Teodorescu, Anemari Simona; Gheorghe, Georgeta Ioana; Catuna, George Report 3352
Comparative study of somatic and motor characteristics of the pole vault athletes participants at the last eight editions of the world championships outdoor. Gheorghe, Daniel; Ivan, Paula Report 2459
Comparative study on the potential biomotric students from the university "Spiru Haret" and U.M.F. "Carol Davila". Petreanu, Manuela; Butu, Ioana Maria; Petreanu, Adrian Gheorghe Report 2279
Conceptual and practical aspects in the preparation of a choreographic routine in high performance aerobic gymnastics--example of best practice. Mezei, Mariana; Bota, Aura Report 2588
Considerations regarding the improvement of coordination capacity in blind children. Ionescu, Oana-Cristiana; Cordun, Mariana Report 3230
Correlation between depressive symptoms and physical activity levels of elders, living in a certain area. Lok, Neslihan; Lok, Sefa Report 2968
Development of motor skills through movement games and contests to fifth graders. Negrea, Valentin Report 1844
Digital analysis of player's positioning and movement during a basketball official game. Stefanescu, Catalin Aurelian Report 3196
Effect of anaerobic power on quickness in women national taekwondo athletes. Taskin, Mine; Akkoyunlu, Yagmur Report 2152
Effects of cupping therapy based on stabilization core exercises on low back pain for soccer players in state of United Arab Emirates. Tarek, Sadek Report 4549
Effects of exhaustive exercise investigation of rats ibuprofen of adverse cardiac events. Tasgin, Erdal; Lok, Sefa Report 2557
Effects of ten weeks of instability resistance training (BOSU ball) on muscular balance and the learning level of fencing basics. Aisha, Elfateh Report 4509
Effort analysis in real time during a football game--junior II using GPSports device. Marinescu, Gheorghe; Ticala, Laurentiu Daniel; Dulceata, Victor; Bidiugan, Simona Nicoleta Report 3175
Evaluation of the extracurricular sportive activities from the view of physical education teachers. Oguz, Kaan Esenturk; Gonul, Tekkursun Demir; Aynur, Yilmaz; Ekrem, Levent Ilhan Report 6481
Examining nutritional habits of soccer players at youth development teams. Mustafa, Can Koc; Nazmi, Saritac; Sule, Kirbas; Husniye, Bulbul Report 4906
Exercise and hypophysis hormones. Tasgin, Erdal; Mehtap, Bekir; Lok, Sefa Report 3019
Functional training in maintaining the physical preparation volleyball player. Cojocaru, Adin Marian; Cojocaru, Marilena Report 2222
Health-promoting lifestyle behaviors of employees in public sector. Aynur, Yilmaz; Gonul, Tekkursun Demir; Oguz, Kaan Esenturk Report 4718
Increasing bullying tendency in schools: a research in the context of extracurricular sportive activities. Celik, O. Burcak; Kurtipek, Serkan; Ilhan, E. Levent Report 4338
Indicative model of system implementation in technical procedures of the main algorithm in swimming 50m obstacles in consonance with the theme syllabus--NATO. Ene-Voiculescu, Carmen; Ene-Voiculescu, Virgil Report 2708
Influence of respiratory gymnastics in elderly hipertensive subjects. Jianu, Anca Report 1655
Investigation of time management skills according topersonality characteristics of university students who study sport education. Kurtipek, Serkan; Celik, Burcak O.; Yenel, Fatih I.; Ilhan, Levent E. Report 3465
Iron status for the Egyptian female players in running competition (short-middle-long distances)--comparative study. Hesham, Elgushy Report 2430
Job satisfaction for physical education teachers and its relationship to job performance and organizational commitment. Kenioua, Mouluod; Bachir, Boughera; Bacha, Foudil Samir Report 2170
Joint mobility values in primary school pupils before and after the summer holiday. Ciocioi, Alexandru-Florin; Macovei, Sabina; Zahiu, Mihaela Report 4415
Lifetime sedentary is a major cause of chronic diseases. Biancalana, Vincenzo; Nicola, Mingozzi; Annunziata, Passalia Report 2469
Management of implementation of water tourism for youth in the Czech Republic. Novakova, Svatava; Blahutkova, Marie; Lepkova, Hana Report 4895
Operational strategies for safeguarding health using kinetic means in the institutionalized elderly. Rabolu, Elena Report 2528
Performance patterns for outdoor events in Junior III for girls pentathlon-hexathlon and boys heptathlon-octathlon. Rata, Bogdan Constantin; Rata, Marinela; Craciun, Sergiu Report 8288
Physical activity prevalence of high school students. Lok, Sefa; Lok, Neslihan; Tasgin, Erdal Report 2197
Planning and preparing physical education teachers on cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, and muscle strength in the implementation of physical education curriculum of form 4 (fitness stem). Syed, Kamaruzaman Syed Ali; Mohd, Faisal Mohamed; Muhamad, Azhar Zailani; Wail, Muil Alhaj Said Isma Report 1922
Play positions and left ventricular mass and it relationship with physical variables for soccer players. Hussein, Abaza; Mohamed, Saad Report 3569
Practical motor examples used by coaches to optimize the learning process for young hurdles runners--a review. Onea, Gheorghe Adrian; Balint, Lorand Report 2395
Strategies to improve kinetic means for rehabilitation regarding knee traumatic pathology in athletes. Fieroiu, Emil Report 2328
Student health at times of physical education and sports. Popa, Cristian; Popa, Corina Report 2619
Study on the high performances athletes at 800 m discipline. Gheorghe, Daniel; Ivan, Paula Report 2835
Study on the neuromuscular control assessment by using the Cartesian motion analysis. Radescu, Petre; Teodorescu, Silvia; Urzeala, Constanta Report 4159
Study on the streamline of the U15 womens basketball free throws. Ionescu, Dragos Bondoc; Oancea, Bogdan Marian Report 4125
Study regarding the development of general and specific motor skills in Alpine skiing category U10. Catanescu, Andreea; Curitianu, Ioana Report 2265
Study regarding the need to objectify evaluation in Latin-American dances. Teodorescu, Silvia; Nicoara, Alexandra Adrian Report 1857
Swimming neuromuscular control. Cioroiu, Silviu Gabriel; Nechita, Florentina Report 2730
Teaching strategies for learning the basketball game in the primary cycle. Dumitru, Mariana; Moroianu, Miruna Report 3647
Technical details of the forehand men's tennis. Teusdea, Claudiu Cristian; Petrescu, Toma Report 2052
Testing kinematic and ergometer parameters for performing the phase contact--beat--impulse to the high jump. Bondoc-Ionescu, Dragos; Neamtu, Mircea; Bondoc-Ionescu, Alexandra; Mihai, Ilie; Oprea, Doru Report 1914
Testing method using space orientation ability to untrained person matorin. Butu, Ioana Maria; Catuna, George Cristian; Teodorescu, Anemari Simona; Iorga, Anca; Gheorghe, Georg Report 2575
The comparison of anxiety level between male and female athletes in amateur teams. Aksoy, Cemil; Sarita, Nazmi; Cockun, Betul Report 3422
The cooperation of youth and top clubs of shooting in the Czech Republic as a basis for improving the current state of the member base. Kundera, Vaclav; Herberger, Daniel Report 4952
The dance impact on the motor ability in children. Cosma, Germina; Dragomir, Marian; Dumitru, Roxana; Lica, Eliana; Ghetu, Roberta Report 2235
The effect of physical activity program on trait anxiety level on adults. Oguz, Kaan Esenturk; Mehibe, Akandere; Erkan, Yarimkaya; Aynur, Yilmaz Report 5378
The evaluation parameters training specific to practice of performance handball by of the "scala" it application. Popescu, Daniela Corina; Mihaila, Ion Report 4051
The impact of concurrent training on certain pulmonary, physical variables and record level of middle distances for young athletics. Hesham, Elgushy Report 4448
The importance of kinesiotherapy in the treatment and prophylaxis of hypertension in adults. Fieroiu, Emil Report 2493
The increase of the development indices of the reaction speed, using specific means of the handball game (VIIth grade). Cicma, Ioan Teodor Report 2798
The influence of physical exercise on the correction of deficient attitudes--a case study. Cosma, Germina; Rusu, Ligia; Burileanu, Alin; Nanu, Marian; Stancescu, Camelia Report 1727
The interest of youth in sport activities. Popescu, Florentina; Porfireanu, Maria-Cristiana; Ristea, Cristian Report 2814
The management optimization of the technical preparation of intermediate players, in the handball game, Echelon Juniors I (girl's). Cicma, Ioan Teodor; Mereuta, Claudiu Report 3025
The perception of the headmaster towards physical education course. Gonul, Tekkursun Demir; Aynur, Yilmaz; Oguz, Kaan Esenturk; Ekrem, Levent Ilhan Report 6117
The Pittsburgh sleep quality index--a mean of sleep assessing. Sabau, Elena; Niculescu, Georgeta; Gevat, Cecilia Report 3103
The promotion of wellbeing in adolescent middle school students: high intensity communication and self-esteem in school organized sports. Matteucci, Ivana Report 5683
The role of preventive practice in reducing the number of injuries of handball players. Isakovic, Marko; Damian, Roxana Report 2378
Warm up. Izzo, Ricardo; Sopranzetti, Seila Report 2211
Why does my child swim? Mechanism of parent guidance. Gonul, Tekkursun Demir; Aynur, Yilmaz; Oguz, Kaan Esenturk; Ekrem, Levent Ilhan Report 3788

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