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Articles from Ovidius University Annals, Series Physical Education and Sport/Science, Movement and Health (June 1, 2014)

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A pharmaeconomic study regarding the demand for muscle hypertrophy parapharmaceuticals consumed by young athlets. Doina, Margaritti Report 3564
A study on improving students' motivation for seminar classes. Rata, Bogdan Constantin; Rata, Gloria; Rata, Marinela Report 2283
Agility, speed, endurance and power: impact of Pranayama practices on sedentary males. Kanniyan, Abdussalam Report 2180
Changes in biological development of newborns in the light of selected conditions--from an auxological perspective. Nowak-Starz, Grazyna; Markowska, Malgorzata; Wojcik, Tomasz; Karakiewicz, Beata Report 3575
Clinical diagnostic difficulties imaging cerebral ischemia in young versus SM: recovery methods. Dan, Docu-Axelerad; Any, Docu-Axelerad Report 1837
Coaches turnover tendency review of job satisfaction and organizational commitment at Program in the National Service (PHD thesis proposal). Almigo, Nuzsep; Khan, Rahmatullah Khan Abdul Wahab; Hamzah, Hazalizah Report 2846
Comparative analysis of handball technical execution and self-image to junior athletes aged 12-13 years. Roxana, Damian; Dragos, Ionescu Bondoc Report 2080
Comparison of flexibility and speed characteristics of the 11-14 age children who do not actively participated in sports. Mehmet, Behzat Turan; Aydogan, Mehmet; Akbas, Eyup Report 3315
Comparison of sprint, repeated sprint and jumping parameters of different levels handball players. Polat, Sezen Cimen; Oz, Elif; Orhan, Ozlem; Yarim, Imdat; Cetin, Ebru Report 3140
Continuous formation in the optimization of teaching physical education to lower grade students. Mariana, Dumitru; Miruna, Moroianu Report 3369
Effect of concurrent training on V[O.sup.2] max, certain physical variables and spike performance for young female volleyball players. Hama, Khazhal Kaka; Magied, Abbas Report 3307
Effect of functional strength training on certain physical variables and performance level of hammer throw. Elbadry, Naglaa Report 2968
Effect of plyometric training with different intensities on kinematics variables in Fosbury-Flop high jump. Ghareb, Essam Fathy Report 3728
Effect of royal jelly ingestion for four weeks on hematological blood markers on swimmers. Nazmi, Saritas; Kadir, Yildiz; Betul, Coskun; Serdar, Buyukipekci; Bekir, Coksevim Report 6051
Effect of using different training styles on development of badminton serving accuracy. Ahmad, Mazin; Abdullah, Sarahang Report 2715
Effects of electronically supported animated stories on education and educational values for orphans in the Eastern Province (Saudi Arabia). Kawther, Kassem; Nagla, Eltanahi Report 2162
Effects of movement education program based on blue and green colors on Vanillylmandelic acid and motor abilities for children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Ramah, Nada; Gabr, Abdelnasser Report 3876
Evaluate the physical fitness levels of Turkish primary school male and female children between 7-14 ages. Oguzhan, Yuksel; Kemal, Tamer; Gokhan, Caliskan Report 7727
Evaluating maximum oxygen uptake of male soccer players with Bruce protocol. Demirhan, Bilal; Cengiz, Asim; Turkmen, Mehmet; Tekbas, Bade; Cebi, Mehmet Report 2778
Evaluation of empathic tendency levels of active football referees of Ankara region. Karabulut, Ebru Olcay; Pulur, Atilla; Bahadir, Ziya; Turan, Behzat M. Report 2585
Exercises for skill developing for women basketball to 13-14 years old. Negrea, Valentin; Popa, Cristian; Hanu, Elena; Negrea, Mirela; Duta, Daniel Report 1869
Identification standard and non standard exercises for multilateral physical training to soccer players begginers. George, Musat; Damian, Petcu; Cristian, Popa Report 3712
Impacts of aquatic Taiji exercises on bone mineral density for postmenopausal women. Minati, Nazik Kadhim Report 3440
Increasing the quality of life in female adolescents by improving their physical fitness. Ana-Maria, Zaharia; Gloria, Raja Report 2485
Investigation of the relationship between agility and balance in trainable mentally disabled athletes whose ages ranging from 8 to 14. Mustafa, Kaya; Mustafa, Karakus; Oktay, Sahin; Irfan, Marangoz Report 2188
Neurorehabilitation at patients with Parkinson's disease. Anca, Gogu; Oana, Glavan Report 4112
New results using the method of increasing the efficiency of educational process in schools based on the questionnaires for measuring satisfaction of the parents. Raducu, Popescu; Iris, Sarchizian; Irina, Ermolaev; Liliana, Timofte Report 2817
Physical activity at children with autism. Oltean, Antoanela; Popa, Cristian; Georgescu, Adrian Report 5091
Physical development of 16-year-old youth in Poland. Halina, Krol; Bozena, Zboina; Grazyna, Nowak-Starz; Malgorzata, Biskup Report 2590
Physical development of 16-year-old youth in Poland. Halina, Krol; Bozena, Zboina; Grazyna, Nowak-Starz; Malgorzata, Biskup Report 2588
Physical education program and children obesity: now and future. Ranjbar, Zahra; Ali, Syed Kamaruzaman Syed Report 3498
Physical education--an efficient way for school adaptation of the teenagers. Viorel, Oprea Report 1817
Planning and preparation of physical education teachers towards teaching period for the implementation of form 4 physical education curriculum for the physical fitness strand. Ali, Syed Kamaruzaman Syed; Ranjbar, Zahra; Qader, Mustafa Abdul Report 4862
Plyometric exercises to improve explosive power in artistic gymnastics. Mirela, Damian; Raducu, Popescu; Antoanela, Oltean; Carmen, Traicu; Laura, Giurgiu Report 3485
Recovery of patients with brain atrophy. Any, Docu Axelerad; Daniel, Docu Axelerad; Deme, Sanda Report 2186
Relationships between quickness and speed performance in amputee footballers. Mine, Taskin; Cengiz, Taskin; Turgut, Kaplan; Halil, Taskin Report 1982
Single case study: effects of the physical activity and exercise in a sedentary subject suffering from metabolic Turner's syndrome. Passalia, Annunziata; Riccardo, Izzo; Andreani, Mauro; Turchi, Federica; Sudano, Maurizio; Biancalan Clinical report 2552
Some soccer aspects of Del Piero's career. Gaetano, Raiola; Domenico, Tafuri 2447
Spontaneous and organized physical activity of 6-year-old children living in Poland. Markowska, Malgorzata; Przychodni, Agnieszka; Nowak-Starz, Grazyna Report 4161
Sport collaboration as a tool in cultural diversity. Salvatore, Napolitano Report 1918
Study on the use of the C group elements--jumps and leaps and D group elements--balance and flexibility in the world championships of aerobic gymnastics. Georgeta, Niculescu Report 3198
Tendency for obesity in students within 12-15 year old age group. Rozeta, Shatku; Mimoza, Tare Report 2135
The aquatic enviroment--ways of improving the quality of life for children suffering of diagnosed imperfect osteogenesis (OI). Radu, Mandache; Sabina, Macovei Report 2504
The athlete and the actor on the road to high professional performance. Lese, Ana-Cristina Report 2982
The body posture and its imbalances in children and adolescents. Leonard, Acasandrei; Sabina, Macovei Report 3728
The combined workout in juvenile basketball example of physical and technique special training. Riccardo, Izzo; Vincenzo, Biancalana Report 1871
The comparison of certain biyomotoric characteristics of the 11-14 year-old sedentary children. Turan, Mehmet Behzat; Aydogan, Mehmet Report 4041
The comparison of reaction times of karate athletes according to age, gender and status. Oguzhan, Yuksel; Kemal, Tamer; Gokhan, Caliskan Report 7788
The comparison of reaction times of karate athletes according to age, gender and status. Coskun, Betul; Kocak, Settar; Saritas, Nazmi Report 2888
The correlation between critical thinking disposition and internal-external locus of control of candidate students who participated in special talent examination in School of Physical Education and Sports, Ege University. Bahadir, Ziya; Certel, Zehra; Turan, Behzat Report 3648
The development of futsal game at national level by implementing a strategic competitive and training management. Cosmin, Damian; Mircea, Neamtu Report 2366
The effect of adventure based counseling (ABC) of self-efficacy trainers in the Healthy Lifestyle Program at program in the National Service. Almigo, Nuzsep; Ahmad, Yusop; Salimin, Norkhalid; Elumalai, Gunathevan Report 3232
The effect of electronic educational program in legal knowledge and refereeing performances arbitral for futsal for beginners. Jabbier, Raed Faeq Abdul; Khadayakhesh, Majeed Report 2524
The effect of recreational activities on emotional intelligence and psychological security level and their relationship to the level of academic achievement of the juvenile crime in the eastern region (Dammam) in Saudi Arabia. Nagla, Eltanahi; Kawther, Kassem Report 4670
The effect of the physical activity and other factors on mortality in Albania from 1990 to 2012. Zylfi, Shehu; Perparim, Ferunaj; Alpin, Galo; Daniel, Jano Report 2001
The effectiveness of plyometric training on muscle strength for soccer players. Mohamed, Mohd Faisal; Ali, Syed Kamaruzaman Syed; Mohamad, Shamsul Kamar Report 4766
The influences of psycho ability in education of young people. Porfireanu, Maria-Cristiana; Popescu, Florentina; Ristea, Cristian Report 3200
The personality profile of top performance athletes in karate do. Sorina, Lambu Ioana Report 4677
The realization of a sports event for the disabled. Salvatore, Napolitano; Tursi, Daniela Report 1788
The relationship between health-related physical and BMI, computer games, and physical activity among 7-year-old children from Poland. Elzbieta, Ciesla Report 4982
The role of exercise in increasing motric performance in children with physical--kyphosis. Adrian, Georgescu; Constantin, Rizescu; Florin, Cazan Report 5108
The role of kinetic programs in the improvement of sedentary adults' postural balance--case study. Erwah, Al Nablsi; Mariana, Cordun Clinical report 2531
The role of mirror therapy in the improvement of upper limb function in post-stroke patients--case study. Marinescu, Gabriela-Adriana; Cordun, Mariana Clinical report 2638
The study regarding share of construction on attack of player coordinator, in national volleyball championship youth. Marian, Cojocaru Adin; Marilena, Cojocaru Report 2455
Validity of RPE session in young male karate athletes. Johnny, Padulo; Gianluca, Salernitano; Lucio, Maurino; Vando, Stefano; Cecilia, Gevat Report 2658
Young people and leisure-time sport activities. Elena, Sabau Report 2381

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