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Articles from Ovidius University Annals, Series Physical Education and Sport/Science, Movement and Health (January 1, 2014)

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A psychomotor program to develop positive thinking skills and its impact on self confidence in obese children. Abdelmonem, Aliaa; Qasim, Rania Mohmed Ali Report 3503
Analysis of movement educational program for students of faculties of physical education and kindergarten "comparative study". Ahmed, Nana Eldawy Report 4143
Aspects regarding the relationship between technical training and somatic, functional and motor parameters, at handball players. Eugen, Bastiurea; Zenovia, Stan; Constantin, Rizescu Report 3498
Attitudinal behaviour, values, methods of formative education to students. Liliana, Ionescu Cecilia Report 4486
Building of electronic book to soccer basics for first grade students at faculty of physical education. Elmetwaly, Ibrahim; Mabrouk, Safout Report 4109
Effect of concurrent training on CD34+/CD45 stem cells, V[O.sub.2] max, certain physical variables and record level of [2000.sub.M] rowing. Abdelsalam, Hussien; Ellouzy, Magdy; Gaber, Mohamed Report 4190
Effect of functional strength training on certain physical and physiological variables among young female handball players. Labib, Lamiaa Report 3002
Effect of linear and exponential taper for two weeks on iron level and 1500m running time for youth. Osman, Hamdy; Essa, Abeer Report 4230
Effect of using the kinetic computerized story with sign language on social interaction and some of the basic kinetic skills of deaf and dumb students. Erfan, Al Shimaa Saad Zaghlol; Hakeem, Bassem Mahmoud Abdel Report 7151
Effects of daily workout on agility, flexibility and reduced the weight among the Iraqian women. Badawy, Hoda; Natiq, Ghusoon Report 3469
Effects of relaxation training on muscle tension and the performance level of 50m front crawl swimming. Whdan, Nashua Report 3600
Genotype of angiotensin converting enzyme for elite female taekwondo players in Egypt. Elsawy, Gehan; Shaban, Afaf Report 4017
Neurorehabilitation at patients with spinal dural arteriovenous fistula versus patients with spinal cord ischemia. Anca, Gogu; Oana, Glavan Report 2786
Preparing beginners handball, correlations between technicals indices. Constantin, Rizescu Report 4155
Recovery--a healthy lifestyle for students. Elena, Sabau Report 2531
Study on the use of dynamic and static strength elements at the aerobic gymnastics world championships. Georgeta, Niculescu Report 3015
The effect of float tools on some basic skills performance in swimming and some physiological variables for students in faculty of physical education. Erfan, Al Shimaa Saad Zaghlol Report 3054
The effect of kinesthetic perception exercises on distance and time start in crawl swimming. Elbahrawi, Mohamed Report 3354
The effect of using Tai Chi Chuan exercises on some psychological variables and some physical abilities in modern creative dance for female students at faculty of physical education Ben Suef University. Mohamed, Sayda Ali Bdel Aal; Ghany, Moktar Amin Abdel Report 2928
The effects of kinesiotherapy on recovery speed for women with cervical discectomy. Gamal, Essam Report 4346
The effects of square-stepping exercises on cognitive skills for kindergarten age children. Ramah, Nada Report 3265
The emotional intelligence and gender among sports leaders in Bahrain kingdom--comparative study. Abdalla, Latifa Report 3155
The impact of green exercise on test of performance strategies, physical variables and counter-time performance for Egyptian Epee fencers. Abdel-Rahman, Osama; Magdy, Sameh Report 3853
The impacts of visual training on eye search and basics skills among female handball players. Labib, Heba Report 3866
The relation between weight, perceived physical competence and body image in early adolescence. Cristina, Nanu Eugenia; Adriana, Baban Report 3121
The relationship between mental toughness and results of the Egyptian fencing team at the 9th all-Africa games. Hagag, Hussien; Ali, Mahrousa Report 3010
The relationship between psych alienation and sport achievement motivation for students of sport talented school in Cairo, Egypt "a comparative study". Sharkawy, Zahraa Abd El Moneim Mohamad Aly Al Report 6684
The relationship between thinking strategies, physical self-concept and the performance level in certain individual and team activities. Sayed, Amal; Hassan, Wafaa Report 3377
The tactical wheel for Egyptian epee fencers according to the height differences. Magdy, Sameh; Faek, Fekry Report 3740
Training program for the development of some coordination abilities and its impact on the level of skill in the performance of modern dance. Mohamed, Sayda Ali Bdel Aal Report 3533
Young sportsmen between motivation and influence. Alexandru, Muresan Report 2192

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