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Articles from Ovidius University Annals, Series Physical Education and Sport/Science, Movement and Health (June 1, 2013)

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A case study regarding the efficiency of intervention through kinesiotherapy in premature infants. Rata, Marinela Case study 3192
A new approach for stimulating learning in the field of physical education and sports. Gloria, Raja; Constantin, Raja Bogdan; Marinela, Raja; Gabriel, Mares Report 3969
Acute effect of whole body vibration on running gait in marathon runners. Padulo, Johnny; Chamari, Karim; Attene, Giuseppe; Salernitano, Gianluca; Pizzolao, Fabio; Migliaccio Report 4022
Acute exercise-induced muscular damage after one month training in soccer players. Gharahdaghi, Nima; Kordi, Mohammad Reza; Shabkhiz, Fatemeh Report 2487
Administrative empowerment in directorates of youth and sports--Cairo urban area. Hifny, Dina; Ismail, Nahed Report 3121
An analysis concerning the changes about the level of anxiety experienced by the personel of the 25th winter universiade coordination center. Belli, Emre; Gurbuz, Ali; Katkat, Dursun; Kurudirek, Alparslan M. Report 3622
An assessment of the attitude of the students of sport management department towards the departments of pyhsical education and sport teaching and coaching training. Ceyhun, Birinci M.; Sezgin, Sahbaz; Alperen, Erkin; Kerim, Yilmaz A.; Samet, Atasoy F.; Ali, Aksoy; Report 2608
Analysys of the competition's effort to build the rowing ergometer. Ion, Urichianu Adrian Report 3926
Anthropometric measurements, somatotypes and physical abilities as a function to predict the selection of talents junior weightlifters. Khaled, Ebada Report 4732
Anti-aging. Civan, Adem Report 5905
Aquatic intervention plan for people with neuromuscular disorders. Elena, Stan Amelia Report 2295
Arguments for the positive stimulation of the students for organized practice of physical activities. Remus, Dumitrescu; Adrian, Otoiu Report 3841
Aspects on the motor and psychomotor development of the child with intellectual disabilities. Silvia, Teodorescu; Ofelia, Popescu Report 3800
Assessment of aerobic gymnastics by video analysis. Ylenia, Giugno; Salvatore, Napolitano; Riccardo, Izzo; Gaetano, Raiola Report 1597
Attention evaluation in weightlifters. Marian, Teodoru; Daniel, Muraretu Report 1938
Biomechanical characteristics of movement phases of snatch style in performace weightlifting. Viorel, Ulareanu Marius; Vladimir, Potop; Carmen, Timnea Olivia Report 3664
Comparison of subsides of the sport and culture institutions by the local government. Staud, Ondrej Report 2892
Comparison of the nutritional habits of the students at the first and fourth classes in the physical education and sport training department of Aksaray University. Ozbas, Ozen Ozboy; Arslan, Fatma; Suel, Emin; Sahin, Ibrahim Report 3883
Conditional motor capacity--resistance at pupils of 13-14 ages during the physical education lesson. Marin, Finichiu Report 3078
Contributions regarding the development of the motional ability endurance and its correlation with other motional abilities at the age of 15/16-17/18 years. Marius, Vaida Report 5018
Controversies in a case of neuroboreliosis versus amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and methods of recovery. Axelerad, Any; Axelerad, Daniel Report 1314
Dance contribution to the development of youth personality. Mircea, Neamtu; Dana, Pirvulescu Report 2957
Decerement of serum Leptin levels induced by resistance training in sedentary overweight women. Shanjani, Mirzayan Sanaz; Zafari, Ardeshir Report 3696
Development of muscle strength by using basic and complementary exercises in bodybuilding for masses. Timnea, Olivia Carmen; Potop, Vladimir; Cheran, Cosmina Report 4178
Development of psychological skills for success in vault table. Salama, Naglaa Report 4663
Effect drills on according to the law of inertia in improving some variables kinematics and the electrical activity of muscles of the legs in the effectiveness of the long jump. Al-Hadeethi, Raed Feaq Abdul-Jabbar; Almshaakhi, Nabeel Abdulkadim Athab; Cecilia, Gevat Report 6086
Effect of complex training on cd34/cd45 stem cells, certain physical variables and jump shoot performance for female handball. Labib, Heba Report 3642
Effect of exercises to develop the motor expectation on the level of skill performance of the sitting volleyball players. Elaiuty, Mosaad Rashad Report 4129
Effect of functional strength training on certain physical and physiological variables among young female handball players. Labib, Heba Report 2935
Effect of hybrid learning on student's satisfaction in faculty of physical education. Elsissy, Aly Report 4429
Effect of spatial orientation and motor rhythm trainings on motor speed and skill performance level of soccer juniors. Shady, Amr Ali; Mahmoud, Mohammad Abdelsattar Report 4194
Effect of the ball on quickness and acceleration performance in young soccer players. Nurtekin, Erkmen; Halil, Taskin; Peker, Alper Tunga Report 1968
Effect of vertical jump on quickness, agility, acceleration and speed performance in children swimmer. Halil, Taskin; Nurtekin, Erkmen; Dede, Basturk; Amze, Gozdil; Mine, Taskin Report 2465
Effects of circular strength training system on bone mineral density and kicks performance for young soccer players. Hamza, A.M.R Report 4691
Effects of the strenght capacity in basketball and consequences on the specific technical elements. Izzo, Riccardo E.; Gomez, Paloma Filippo; Raiola, Gaetano Report 3016
Effects of unified sports program on athlete self-concept. Elsissy, Aly Report 4133
Efficiency of body balance exercises on the ability & flexibility of the lower limb, the skilful and record level for contestants of the triple jump. Rabea, Maysa Report 3731
Efficiency of learning process for beginners in the game of tennis. Ene-Voiculescu, Carmen; Panait, Liviu; Chelaru, Ioana; Constantinescu, Liliana; Filip, Andreea Georg Report 3719
Evaluation of agility with regard to different start positions. Kemal, Taskin Ali; Cecilia, Gevat; Metin, Kaya; Tunga, Peker Alper; Halil, Taskin Report 2568
Evaluation of life satisfaction, self-esteem in decision-making and decision-making styles of weightlifting referees. Bahadir, Ziya; Certel, Zehra Report 3253
Evaluation of trait anger-anger expression in team and individual sports according to gender and sport experience. Certel, Zehra; Bahadir, Ziya; Karabulut, Ebru Olcay Report 2890
Excess in sport and its consequences--traumas knee injuries. Alexandra, Mircioaga; Dorian, Barzuca; Elena-Doina, Mircioaga Report 2889
Experimental approach regarding investigation level of general physical training for tennis players aged 13 to 14 years. Liviu, Panait; Daniel, Duta; Valentin, Negrea Report 3429
Forgotten heroes of ancient Greek Olympic games. Kouril, Jiri Report 4827
Identification and evaluation of physical qualities specific to handball. Florin, Cazan; Constantin, Rizescu; Adrian, Georgescu; Diana, Gidu; Valentin, Negrea Report 7170
Impact of wave board kid on flexibility of the lower limb joints and record in breast and mono swimmers. Helmy, Aliaa; Mohamed, Samah Case study 2630
Improve maximal aerobic speed in handball seniors through intermittent effort. Cazan, Florin; Rizescu, Constantin; Georgescu, Adrian Report 2731
Improvement of key elements of sports technique based on the biomechanical analysis of Yurchenko vault. Vladimir, Potop Report 4036
Improving the postural balance of persons with locomotor impairments. Rodica, Cotoman Report 2351
Indices techniques to a group of children with age of 8 years football. Melenco, Ionel; Stanculescu, George; Popa, Cristian Report 1890
Influence game of movement on the physical development of physical education lesson from primary school. Cristian, Popa; Ionel, Melenco; Raducu, Popescu; George, Musat; Corina, Popa; Iulian, alexe Dan Report 3608
Investigation of fears of negative evaluation of young national kick boxers in terms of some variables. Karabulut, Ebru Olcay; Bahadir, Ziya; Certel, Zehra; Pulur, Atilla Report 3024
Investigation on the people's expectations from municipalities in the area of sport and recreational services in Iran. Imanzadeh, Masoud; Coban, Bilal Report 3024
Iuliu Bodola, remarkable personality from football in Romania and Hungary. Dumitrescu, Gheorghe Report 2201
Kinetic therapy in the treatment of cervical discogenic pain syndrome. Fieroiu, Emil Report 1504
Mastery of gross motor skills among preschool obese children. Khalaj, Nafiseh; Amri, Saidon Report 3185
Methodology of assessing the personality qualities of junior female gymnasts (12-14 years old). Vladimir, Potop Report 2963
Morphology the vertebral column for children aged 9-12. Gabr, Naglaa I.; Cecilia, Gevat; Elena, Sabau; Alin, Larion Report 4619
Motor abilities in humans from Bernstein's and Fleishman's perspective. Petrynski, Waclaw; Szyndera, Miroslaw Report 4591
Motor imagery as a tool to improve physical education and sport. Isabella, Scassillo; Gaetano, Raiola Report 2387
Nutritional habits of physical education and sport school students of Aksaray University. Ibrahim, Sahin; Suel, Emin; Arslan, Fatma; Ozbas, Ozen Ozboy Report 3432
Nutritional knowledge and practices of selected track and field coaches and athletes. Abarra, Airnel T. Report 2964
Optimization of the relation between effort capacity and psycho-affective state in older people. Elena, Rabolu Report 2613
Performance possibilities of the combined pentathlon event at the national indoor athletics championship. Constantin, Raja Bogdan; Gloria, Raja; Marinela, Raja Report 6916
Periodization study on soccer university team. Gaetano, Raiola; Salvatore, Napolitano Report 1921
Physical profile of Partizani team in Greek-roman wrestling for youngsters. Zylfi, Shehu; Avni, Hasa; Ermir, Hasa; Perparim, Ferunaj Report 4128
Possibilities to modernize the handball training sessions at junior level by using the rhythmic gymnastics apparatus. Macovei, Sabina; Alexandrescu, Nicoleta-Cristina Report 2937
Preparing of learning portfolio to teach the technical performance of the long jump activity for deaf. Diwan, Lamia Al-; Mahdi, Haidar; Jawad, Sana' Report 5049
Productivity of human Resorsees in Iranian sport federations: the determination of factors. Saeed, Sedaghati; Ardeshir, Zafari Report 3523
Recovery of cerebellar disorders in the elderly. Axelerad, Any; Axelerad, Daniel Report 2278
Relationship between psychological factors of personality and performance of football referee. Jim, Voborny; Tomas, Zeman Report 2766
Relationships between quickness, agility, and acceleration performance in boy swimmers. Ahmet, Sanioglu; Kaplan, Turgut; Halil, Taskin; Baloglu, Gulsah; Taskin, Cengiz Report 2523
Respiratory gymnastics, means of improving the health condition to hipertensive persons. Anca, Jianu; Sabina, Macovei Report 3943
Share of technical training in the pre-competitive period of performance weightlifting. Viorel, Ulareanu Marius; Vladimir, Potop; Carmen, Timnea Olivia Report 3267
Somatic, functional and motor dimensions of normal weight and overweight students from A.S.E. Bucharest. Constanta, Urzeala; Viorela, Popescu Report 3501
Strategies for kinesitherapeutic intervention to the recovery from Achiles tendon injury. Rabolu, Elena Report 2673
Study about the reaction time relation to sports performance in karate do. Macovei, Sabina; Lambu, Elena-Andreea; Lambu, Ioana-Sorina Report 3645
Study concerning the conditional capacity strength development at the level of 13-14 years old students during the physical education class. Marin, Finichiu Report 3273
Study concerning the informing of the young population concerning the motor act, blood group and their importance for life. Elena, Lupu; Viorel, Oprea Report 3163
Study on development of motor abilities in physical education lessons. Marcel, Deacu Report 2301
Study on model of game for great performance in volleyball and elements of progress. Cojocaru, Adin Marian; Cojocaru, Marilena Report 2918
Study on the content of the game and efficiency of actions of center in volleyball player. Cojocaru, Adin Marian; Cojocaru, Marilena Report 2376
Study on the evolution of motricity of the female students who practice aerobics at the Bucharest university. Mihaela, Ganciu Report 2437
Study on the influence of sports games' in the development of the motric capacities. Marcel, Deacu Report 2918
Study on the role of kinetic therapy in the treatment and profilaxis of diabetes. Emil, Fieroiu Report 1986
Study regarding the practicing of swimming as a leisure time activity-indicator of the quality of life. Silviu, Petrescu; Gabriel, Pitigoi; Catalin, Paunescu; Mihaela, Paunescu Report 1662
Technical and tactical analysis of the nationwide championship matches in Greco-Roman and free wrestling style. Zylfi, Shehu Report 3313
The administration of nandrolone decanoate may cause multiple organ failure. Erdal, Tasgin; Seyfullah, Haliloglu Report 2825
The analysis and interpretation of the explosive power values concerning the students in the 12th grade at, lazar edeleanu" college, ploiesti. Mirela, Dulgheru Report 3152
The anthropometric data importance to Karate-do. Teodoru, Marian; Petre, Razvan Report 1778
The comparative analysis of the specifications of weekly training cycles as compared to the training stages of a long jumper. Dulgheru, Mirela Report 4086
The effect of 14 week regular aerobic-step exercises on female university students' cholesterol levels. Demirci, Nevzat Report 3558
The effect of conservator approaches of families for the child on psycho-motor development in primary education. Demirci, Erdal; Demirci, Nevzat; Engin, Ali Osman Report 4402
The effect of development of muscular balance on some dynamic parameters and level of achievement for clean and jerk skill for weightlifters. Ebada, Khaled; Ibrahim, Abdel Hadi Report 8698
The effect of motor activity on attention. Biancalana, Vincenzo; Valentina, Natalucci; Alessandra, Nart Report 2753
The effect of physical activity on avoidance of obesity in school-age children. Demirci, Nevzat Report 3451
The effects of a 12-week-swimming training on some anthropometric parameters and hand grip strength of male elementary school students between the ages of 8-12. Gokhan, Ismail; Cengiz, Sarvan Sebnem; Aktas, Yakup Report 2425
The effects of Bosu ball training on teaching and improving the performance of certain handball basic skills. Badr, Nevin Report 5374
The effects of combined program (land- and aquatic exercises) on gliding underwater for young swimmers. Helmy, Aliaa Report 4139
The effects of core strength training (with and without suspension) on lipid peroxidation and lunge speed for young fencers. Hamza, Amr Report 5455
The effects of eight-week step-aerobic exercise programs on flexibility and body composition of sedentary women. Demir, Rifat; Suel, Haluk; Ibrahim, Sahin; Yapici, Hakan Report 3567
The effects of extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) for the plantar fasciitis in professional athletes. Daniel-Lucian, Dobreci; Tatiana, Dobrescu Report 2580
The effects of motor education program by using the evaluative documents' package "portfolio" on sensory motor perception in kindergarten children. Gamal, Ahmed Report 4097
The effects of recreational animated cartoon on developing the basic skills in track and field. Fekry, Aml Report 2892
The effects of shadow play on motor abilities and self-esteem for children. Abdelmonem, Aliaa; Eldawy, Nana Report 3107
The effects of soccer positions on bone strength. Aboelshawareb, Mohamed Report 3891
The effects of teaching program based on cognitive research trust strategies on performance levels of swimming. Elbahrawi, Mohamed; Elmagharbi, Ahmed Report 3873
The effects of unified scouts on life skills for children with mental retardation in Bahrain Kingdom. Abdalla, Latifa Report 4077
The efficiency of training planning in amphibious cross-country race. Virgil, Ene-voiculescu; Carmen, Ene-voiculescu Report 4026
The heart rate to some effort at girl students ages between 16 and 17. Sabau, Elena; Niculescu, Georgeta; Gevat, Cecilia Report 3832
The identity doping: a new concept in sport social sciences. Constantin, Pompiliu Nicolae Report 4113
The impact of physical parameters value of the "oil and gas" students as a result of taking part in aerobic gymnastics training. Anamaria, Constantinescu Report 3071
The importance of mental and physical relaxation in treating sleep disorders. Marza-Danila, Danut Nicu; Marza-Danila, Doina Report 4050
The influence of psychological training on the manifestation dynamics of confusion and bewilderment generated by competition stress. Ioana, Alexe Cristina; Iulian, Alexe Dan; Teodora, Iconomescu Clinical report 3730
The influence of the anatomo-morphologic features on the sport achievements in swimming. Marius, Vaida Report 3974
The optimizing strategies of lumbar disk hernia rehabilitation using physical therapy methods. Mariana, Cordun; Nicoleta, Calota Report 2101
The PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretching technique--a brief review. Victoria, Gidu Diana; Carmen, Ene-Voiculescu; Alexandru, Straton; Antoanela, Oltean; Florin, Cazan; Report 3184
The relationship between management stress and leaders performance of youth centers in Cairo. Ismail, Nahed; Hifny, Dina Report 3472
The relationship between students' interest for physical activities in their free time and their health. Constantinescu, Anamaria Report 3526
The role of movement in increasing of bone density. Iuliana, Pasol Report 5138
The technical study for different game positions in the 2nd league. Nicolae, Firiteanu Vasile Dumitru Report 1497
Training a polyfunctional teacher in the dialogue of culture and sport. R., Munirova Leila; I., Raynis Andrei; N., Gvozdeva Anita Report 2721
Training children beginners in handball. Constantin, Rizescu; Adrian, Georgescu; Florin, Cazan; Constantin, Sufaru; Eugen, Bastiurea Report 4075

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