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Articles from Ovidius University Annals, Series Physical Education and Sport/Science, Movement and Health (June 1, 2010)

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Advantages and limits of the actual system for evaluation of professional competences among beginning teachers. Dumitriu, Constanta; Timofti, Iulia Cristina; Dumitriu, Gheorghe Report 3643
Alteration in body composition of female players in a third league volleyball bout. Cerit, Suat; Dasdag, S.; Akdag, M.Z. Report 1619
Alteration in body composition of female players in a third league volleyball bout. Suat, Cerit; Dasdag, S.; Akdag, M.Z. Report 1664
An investigation of the effects of prolonged dancing exercises on some haematological parameters. Melekoglu, T.; Baydil, B.; Ocal, D. Report 4255
An investigation on adequacy of physical education sports highschool students about anatomy lesson. Lok, Sefa; Bastug, Gulsum Report 2121
Angiotensin-converting enzyme polymorphism in elite taekwondo athletes of Turkish and Azerbaijan taekwondo teams. Gunay, Mehmet; Ulkuer, Melahat Kurtulus; Celenk, Cagri; Bezci, Sakir; Gokdemir, Kadir; Gevat, Cecili Report 1926
Assessment of multilateral physical training level of gymnasium pupils through athletics polyathlon. Scurt, Corneliu Report 3344
Brain atrophy and melotherapy: clinico-imaging correlations. Hancu, A.; Axelerad, Any; Adam, T.; Axelerad, Daniel; Damian, Mirela; Niscoveanu, A. Report 2082
Carl Diem and the Olympics. Tunckol, Mehmet; Sahin, Yasar Report 7013
Coaching qualifications of the coaches in Turkish women's basketball first league. Sevim, Olga; Kalemoglu, Yaprak Report 2797
Communication skills and emphatic tendency: physical education and fine arts students. Aykora, Emrah; Tekin, Ali; Ozdag, Selcuk; Dereceli, Cagatay; Uzunkaya, Damla Report 3133
Comparative analysis of the anthropo-motor development level between boys and girls at the selection age in speed skating. Vaida, Marius Report 2930
Comparative analysis of the start reaction times in sprint or hurdles events in various age groups. Alexe, Dan Iulian; Rata, Gloria; Alexe, Cristina Ioan Report 3060
Comparative study regarding the influence of pain management on labor deployment. Ciobanu, Doriana; Deac, Anca; Lozinca, Izabela Report 5430
Comparison of anthropometric measurements of dominant hands between adult elite volleyball players and sedentaries. Defne, Ocal; Bilgehan, Baydil; Tuba, Melekoglu Report 1868
Comparison of recreational behaviours of individuals with regard to demoghraphic variables. Gurbuz, Bulent; Ozdemir, A. Selman; Sarol, Halil; Karakucuk, Suat Report 2578
Comparison of some anthropometric characteristics of elite badminton and tennis players. Yasin, Arslan; Omer, Senel; Ibrahim, Yildiran; Akif, Bakir M.; Cengiz, Akarcesme Report 2407
Comparison of some performance variables according to age group of 10-13 year old children selected with talent searching method in athletics. Oz, Elif; Pekel, Haci Ahmet; Altunsoy, Mustafa; Sahin, Tulin Report 2261
Comparison of university students against to anatomy lesson. Lok, Sefa; Tasgin, Erdal; Bastug, Gulsum Report 2349
Constatativ study concerning the manifestation level of the anaerobe effort's capacity at pupils from high school. Finichiu, Marin Report 2509
Contributions of force development in women's volleyball team Dinamo Bucharest, Division A1. Cojocaru, Adin; Cojocaru, Marilena 1175
Contributions to dance sport training methods at beginners' level, 6 to 9 years old. Florica, Grigore Maria; Virgil, Grigore; Vladimir, Potop; Cosmina, Cheram Report 2849
Contributions to optimizing the force conversion training in sprint events at junior category: 16-18 years old. Bondoc-Ionescu, Dragos; Stefan, Stoykov; Popova, Sofka; Zanfirescu, Georgeta Report 3699
Correlations regarding the indicators resulted from the evaluation of the vertical take-off, using the modified Miron Georgescu Board. Rata, Gloria; Rata, Bogdan C-Tin; Manole, Lacramioara; Marinela, Rata Report 4112
Decision making self-esteem and decision making styles of Turkish tennis referees. Kocak, Funda; Ozbek, Oguz Report 1699
Detection of technical mistakes in the procedure of basket shot from a standing position, in the basketball basic course by applying video analysis. Ciocoiu, Dana Lucica; Pacuraru, Alexandru; Ciorba, Constantin; Preda, Carmen 1892
Determining some physical parameters of soccer and in door soccer players. Osman, Pepe; Erkan, Gunay; Bekir, Coksevim; Serdar, Sucan; Metin, Polat Report 2211
Development means and techniques and motor evaluation of the prescholar and little scholar children. Dulgheru, Mirela Report 2348
Development of back level muscular strength under endurance conditions in performance bodybuilding. Potop, Vladimir; Toma, Sanda Urichianu; Ulareanu, Marius Viorel Report 2747
Dramatization and representation of the body in the developmental age. Biancalana, Vincenzo Report 1980
Effect of boxes of different heights developments explosive ability of leags and level of long jump. Jabber, Read Faeq Abdul Report 3453
Effects of exercise at high altitude on micronucleus frequency. Akpinar, Nese; Hamurcu, Zuhal; Donmez-Altuntas, Hamiyet; Coksevim, Bekir; Koca, Feyzullah; Sungur, G Report 1703
Entertainment and sports animation--effects and benefits. Camarda, Adina; Badau, Dana 2856
Examination of adolescents' responses to the basic basketball training. Hamamioglu, Ozgur; Cakmakci, Evrim Report 2953
Examination of attention levels of athletes who do Taekwondo, Karate and Muaythai. Kumartasli, Mehmet; Bastug, Gulsum Report 2139
Examination of the injuries on the Muay Thai athletes. Halil, Taskin; Fatma, Arslan; Metin, Kaya; Cecilia, Gevat; Mehmet, Kumartasli; Nurtekin, Erkmen; Min Report 3364
Examination on the anthropometric features and somatotypes of the male children at the age of 16. Polat, Yahya; Bicer, Mursel; Patlar, Suleyman; Akil, Mustafa; Gunay, Mehmet; Celenk, Cagri Report 3595
Examining problem solving skills of the students practising dance for 12 weeks in terms of gender variable. Akandere, Mehibe; Bastug, Gulsum; Demir, Hayri; Tasgin, Ozden Report 2603
Examining the body attraction of sedentary women in terms of participation in activity. Bastug, Gulsum; Lok, Sefa Report 2501
Exercises with hand apparatus in adapted physical activities. Macovei, Sabina; Vasile, Luciela Report 1717
Eye-hand coordination in third form pupils. Gidu, Diana Victoria; Straton, Alexandru; Hritac, Florentina Report 1226
Feedforward, feedback and UCM in motor control in humans. Petrynski, Waclaw Report 4611
For a new model of (inter)active learning. Cojocariu, Venera-Mihaela Report 4824
Formation and early work of "Maccabi" sports association Oradea. Maroti, Stefan; Dumitrescu, Gheorghe 1370
Free time spending ways of university students, and the benefits they gained through these activities. Pepe, Kadir; Bozkurt, Ibrahim Report 7951
Identify applicable models aquatic therapy in posttraumatic recovery. Petrescu, Andrei Report 1867
Identifying the physiomotor predispozitions considered as favourable for practicing speed skating. Vaida, Marius Report 2719
Impacts of globalization on sport and coach education fields--(literature review). Busafi, Majid Al; Benn, Tansin; R., Martin Report 4295
Implementation of teaching of physical education (physical fitness). Syed Kamaruzaman, Syed Ali; Julismah, Jani Report 2357
Improvement of the initial technical training contents in women's artistic gymnastics. Potop, Vladimir Report 2793
Influence of fitness training on the coefficient of application rate of body. Gevat, Cecilia; Larion, Alin; Sabau, Elena; Gevat, Monica Report 1956
Influence of physical training pliometrics exercises the fifth graders. Negrea, Valentin; Negrea, Mirela; Teodor, Dragos Report 1535
Investigation of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games photos in the Turkish sports media in terms of gender discrimination. Selami, Ozsoy Report 5396
Investigation of physical parameters of Turkish folk female dancers who play different regional dances. Kaya, Mustafa; Polat, Yahya; Paktas, Yakup; Celenk, Cagri; Cinar, Vedat Report 2619
Investigation of physical parameters of Turkish folk male dancers who play different regional dances. Kaya, Mustafa; Polat, Yahya; Paktas, Yakup; Celenk, Cagri; Cinar, Vedat Report 2564
Investigation of problem solving skills in 13-15 years old male basketball players in terms of several variables. Pulur, Atilla; Karabulut, Ebru Olcay; Uzun, Ahmet Report 5752
Limbs utilization preference effect on trunk muscles maximal isometric strength production in Romanian sportswomen. Straton, Alexandra; Deliu, Dan; Gidu, Diana Report 3618
Martial artists versus team sportsmen: aggressiveness and received social support. Ali, Tekin; Emrah, Aykora; Fahri, Akcakoyun; Necmettin, Parlak; Gulcan, Tekin Report 3595
Measuring constraints to leisure activities: demographic differences. Bulent, Gurbuz; Fatih, Yenel I.; Beyza, Akgul M.; Suat, Karakucuk Report 1855
Methodical aspects regarding the use of recreational kayak. Chirazi, Marin Report 1184
Methodology of training for developing young tennis players (aged 10 - 12 years old). Ene-Voiculescu, Carmen; Ene-Voiculescu, Virgil Report 1025
Monitoring of SPRET effects on senior elementary schoolboys and schoolgirls involvement in recreation. Stefanovic, Nemanja-Tibor; Mitic, Dusan Report 2724
More than a game. Zivanovic, Nenad; Randjelovic, Nebojsa; Stankovic, Veroljub; Pirsl, Danica 3397
New study regarding the physical activity level and nutritional status of healthy old people (60-70 years old). Tudor, Mariana Ionela; Georgescu, Luminita Ionela Report 2082
Non-formal education--the core dimension of the instructive and educative process. Moldovan, Elena; Enoiu, Roxana; Cioroiu, Silviu Gabriel; Enoiu, Razvan Sandu 2717
Observation of personal traits according to different variables. Turkcapar, Unal Report 3579
Observations on preparation of junior team "D", F.C. Bihor, national champion in football in 2008/2009 season. Gheorghe, Dumitrescu; Calin, Cheregi Report 5136
Performance management in the institution of physical education and sports--selective scientifical researches of the doctoral thesis. Turcu, Ioan; Simion, Gabriel Report 4069
Personality and performance sport. Tohanean, Dragos Ioan; Chicomban, Mihaela Report 2632
Physical activity and health of youth. Malina, Robert M. Report 5016
Physical activity profiles on a sample of Romanian adults. Georgescu, Luminita Ionela; Tudor, Mariana Ionela Report 2954
Pilot study regarding the structure of the motivational system for students majoring in physical education and sports. Grigore, Vasilica Report 1395
Prevention and correction of spine deficiencies in school aged children using physical therapy methods. Toma, Stefan; Ciucurel, Constantin; Iconaru, Elena Ioana Report 1726
Psychological characteristics on women soccer players. Gidu, Diana; Straton, Alexandru; Gidu, Justin Eugen Report 1369
Quantitative and structural mathematical models for pedagogical rules in physical education and sports. Mereuta, Claudiu; Talaghir, Laurentiu Gabriel; Manolache, Gabriel Report 1538
Readiness degree of physical education colleges to meet the expected needs of 21st century in light of total quality management through ISO standards. Deiry, Ali Report 4792
Relation between fat distribution and pulmonary function in triathletes. Ulviye, Bilgin; Ebru, Cetin; Atilla, Pulur Report 2081
Relation between motivation and temptation for using the doping substances in high performance sports. Vajiala, G.; Epuran, M.; Stanescu, M.; Potzaichin, I.; Berbecaru C. Report 2571
Relationship between body mass index and physical self-esteem in Romanian adolescents. Craciun, Marius; Grosu, Emilia Florina; Petrehus, Denisa Report 2287
Reliabilty and validity of a discontinous graded exercise test on Dansprint[R] ergometer. Paez, Luis Carrasco; Diaz, C. Inmaculada Martinez; De Hoyo, Lora Moises; Corrales, Borja Sanudo; Och Report 2045
Research on the empathy situations of the trainers according to different professions. Bastug, Gulsum; Tasgin, Erdal; Lok, Sefa Report 2285
Researches concerning the kinematic analysis of the hop in the male triple jump event. Mihai, Ilie Report 1755
Researches concerning the utilization of the kinematic analysis movement software in 2D system--Dartfish[c] in the male triple jump event technique monitoring. Mihai, Ilie Report 1327
Role of hospitality management in sport tourism. Tuna, Muharrem; Kizanlikli, Murat Report 2290
Selection procedure of measurement most objective methods of level jumping ability in sportsmen. Starosta, Wlodzimierz; Radzinska, Mariola Report 2281
Soccer trainer. Melenco, Ionel; Stanculescu, George Report 1822
Sports and energy drink consumption of physical education & sports students' and their knowledge about them. Arpaci, Nesli; Tosun, Selen; Ersoy, Gulgun 2476
Sports preference of parents with different socio-economic and cultural level for children. Yaprak, Kalemoglu; Unlu, Huseyin Report 2113
State of art study of the change of physical education and sport in secondary school in Italy. D'Isanto, Tiziana; Raiola, Gaetano Report 2071
Statistical analysis of balance and anthropometric variables of male basketball players, ages 9-11. Sevim, Olga; Suveren, Ceren Report 3997
Strategies to prevent and treat post--traumatic lesions in handball game. Toma, Stefan; Ciucurel, Constantin; Iconaru, Elena Ioana Report 1790
Study concerning the 3 points shots realized by the top 4 ranked teams at the men Olympic basketball tournament, Beijing 2008. Maroti, Stefan Report 2174
Study on development of the swing in the physical education. Deacu, Marcel Report 2142
Study on explosivity pliometrical and nonpliometrical characteristics in children 8-9 years old. Cretu, Marian Report 2374
Study on involvement in learning technology components psihomotricity to play tennis. Cojanu, Florin; Catanescu, Andreea 1757
Study on sensory-motor capacity assessment in junior tennis players. Cojanu, Florin; Catanescu, Andreea Report 1939
Study on some aspects of ageing process late in life. Sabau, Elena; Gevat, Cecilia; Niculescu, Georgeta; Gevat, Nejdet Report 3694
Study on stage of physical component during the training period at the level of a senior team--Progresul Bucuresti. Paun, Dan Report 3285
Study on the characteristics of attention in volleyball. Ciocan, Catalin; Fleancu, Julien Leonard; Ciocan, Dana Report 2319
Study on the frequency of wrist pain cases in junior female gymnasts. Dobrescu, Tatiana; Zaharia, Ana Maria Report 1386
Study on the manifestation of creative attitudes in physical education students. Rata, Gloria; Rata, Bogdan Constantin; Rata, Marinela; Mares, Gabriel Report 2920
Study regarding the role of intuitive means in the qualitative growth of the mastering of the content of the physical education lesson. Talaghir, Laurentiu-Gabriel; Mereuta, Claudiu; Manolache, Gabriel 1705
Study regarding the sport and physical education in the placement centres in Caras-Severin County. Bichescu, Andrade Ionut; Dacica, Liliana; Kiss, Zoltan Report 3508
Study regarding the verbal and nonverbal communication during the training of the Romanian National Ski Jumping Team. Balint, Gheorghe; Balint, Nela Tatiana Report 1976
The acute exercise the effect of the supplementation of glycerol and the fatique on the levels of some minerals and HCT, THB and glucose. Cakmakci, Oktay; Cakmakci, Evrim Report 3284
The analysis of the efficiency of using fastbreaks in female handball during the World Championship in China, 2009. Calin, Roman Report 3228
The comparasion of stress and burnout levels of 13-15 aged sportmen blinds. Mustafa, Kaya; Mehmet, Yardimci; Nazmi, Saritas; Ozkatar, Kaya Emire; Osman, Pepe Report 1496
The comparative study of anthropometrical characteristics in Tabriz elite football and volleyball players. Ali, Paydar; Golmaganizadeh, Nasrin; Zorba, Erdal; Bezci, Sakir Report 2501
The comparement of haematological symptoms of Physical Education and Sports College's students. Koc, Hurmuz; Pulur, Atilla; Polat, Yahya; Yardimci, Mehmet; Kaya, Mustafa; Coksevim, Bekir Report 3877
The comparison between physical education and sport students' and elementary education students' learning skills and their opinions about foreign language learning. Kozan, Mesut; Pepe, Kadir 6689
The correlation between the academic achievement level of primary school students and their attitudes toward a physical education lesson. Yoncalik, Oguzhan; Tanir, Halil; Erdogdu, Murat; Kutlu, Mehmet Report 4958
The dynamics of the technical tests for the preparation of the junior footballers. Firiteanu, Vasile; Dima, Marius; Anton, Margareta; Timnea, Olivia Report 1674
The educational difficulties of the physical education instructors who work in schools for disabled in Ankara. Gokyurek, Belgin; Usta, Aysel; Sarol, Halil Report 2596
The effect of 8 weeks step-aerobic exercise program on body composition and sleep quality of sedantery women. Gezer, Engizn; Cakmakci, Evrim Report 2787
The effect of combined training on some conditional parameters of basketball players aged 12-14. Aksen, Pelin; Gunay, Mehmet Report 7966
The effect of educational game over attention in children. Akandere, Mehibe; Bastug, Gulsum; Asan, Recep; Bastug, Kahraman Report 3447
The effect of L-Carnitine supplementation on 1500 m running performance. Mustafa, Karahan; Bekir, Coksevim; S., Artis Report 2329
The effect of recreative activities on hopelessness level of the students. Bayazit, Betul; Colak, Serap; Dincer, Ozgur; Meraci, Anil Report 1729
The effect of the participation of educable mentally retarded children in the special physical education classes upon the anxiety levels of the parents of the children. Ilhan, Levent Report 2438
The effectiveness of physical exercises on bone density and some variables related to it for girls of 18-20 year. Naglaa, Ibrahim Gabr; Khadra, Eid Mohamed Report 5824
The effects of 4 month volleyball training on flexibility, jump, speed, and agility in preadolescent girls. Oz, Elif; Pekel, Haci Ahmet; Altunsoy, Mustafa; Oz, Elvan; Pekel, Aylin Ozge Report 1653
The effects of 8-week aerobic exercises on the blood lipid and body composition of the owerweight and obese females. Vatansev, Husamettin; Cakmakci, Evrim Report 4452
The effects of 8-week step-aerobic exercise on the body composition and hematologic parameters in the obese and overweight females. Cakmakci, Evrim; Sanioglu, Ahmet; Vatansev, Husamettin; Marakoglu, Kamile Report 3964
The effects of Accute Submaximal exercise on some stress hormone level. Cakmakci, Evrim; Hamamioglu, Ozgur Report 2946
The effects of ankle plantar flexor and knee extensor muscles fatigue on dynamic balance of the female elderly. Rad, Amir Ghiami; Abdolvahhabi, Zahra; Zadeh, Nasrin Golmagni Report 4443
The effects of ginseng and exercise applications in sedentary individuals and women athletes on antioxidants. Civan, Adem; Cakmakci, Evrim 2544
The effects of ginseng and exercise applications in sedentary individuals in women athletes on lipid hydroperoxide and nitric oxide. Civan, Adem; Kececi, Tufan; Cakmakci, Evrim Report 2300
The effects of swimming execise at 35[degrees]C water and L-carnitine on blood cells of mice. Bekir, Coksevim; Nazmi, Saritas; Osman, Pepe; Hakan, Akdogan; Serdar, Buyukipekci Report 2102
The effects of swimming exercise at 20[degrees]C water and L-carnitine on mice's blood parameters. Bekir, Coksevim; Nazmi, Saritas; Erkan, Gunay; Serdar, Buyukipekci Report 2272
The effects of the application of glycerol and fatique in acute exercise and acid-base eguilibrium and blood gases. Cakmakci, Oktay; Cakmakci, Evrim Report 3397
The effects of two different endurance training programs performed in hot environment on body temperature and some physiological parameters. Ibrahim, Cicioglu; Fatih, Kiyici Report 2227
The etiology of pain and abnormal anatomical changes in the spine--a literature review. Straton, Alexandru; Gidu, Diana Report 3696
The evaluation of the nutrition status of individuals who assigned to different areas of sport. Ozdemir, Gunay; Ersoy, Gulgun Report 3125
The evalution of some physcal parameters with the bioelectric impedance analyse among the male and female between the ages of 12 and 14. Saritas, Nazmi; Gonul, Seyma; Gunay, Erkan; Polat, Metin; Coksevim, Bekir; Buyukipekci, Serdar Report 5159
The evolution of the Centre of Corporal Mass (CCM) related to body height--possible criterion of orientation of beginner and advanced athletes towards the hurdles event. Neagu, Nicolae Report 4657
The human resource--a decisive factor in sports enterprise management. Manolache, Gabriel; Talaghir, Laurentiu; Mereuta, Claudiu; Badau, Dana Report 1531
The importance of psychomotricity in the apparition and development of language in children. Tobolcea, Iolanda; Dumitriu, Constanta Report 3710
The improvement of the driving capacity of students through the means of sport games. Deacu, Marcel Report 1943
The institutional environment of adult traditional sports and games, and social health. Jaouen, Guy Report 5971
The investigation of anxieties and brief symptom inventory levels of female volleyball players. Polat, Metin; Coksevim, Bekir; Gunay, Erkan; Pepe, Osman Report 3639
The investigation somatotype profiles of university students. Nazmi, Saritas; Irfan, Ozkarafaki; Osman, Pepe; Serdar, Buyukipekci; Bekir, Coksevim Report 4791
The management of motor aptitudes evaluation according to the knowledge of the manifestation level of the physical condition. Finichiu, Marin Report 3248
The modernization of the sportive teaching process and system. Colibaba-Evulet, Dumitru Report 5163
The necessity for physical activity for higher education youth. Lupu, Elena Report 3583
The nutritional and health profile of the weightlifting team's students at the elementary school: a pilot study. Gunay, Ozdemir; Nesrin, Kir Alkan; Gulgun, Ersoy Report 3660
The opportunity of promoting the concept of "body autoplasty using physical exercise". Mihailescu, Liliana; Enache, Carmen Report 2564
The pedagogical and professional training evaluation of graduate students from the eco tourism class. Enoiu, Razvan Sandu; Enoiu, Roxana; Moldovan, Elena; Silviu, Gabriel Cioroiu Report 3004
The physical preparation and the efficacity of the preparation programmes at the national football group-juniors. Firiteanu, Vasile; Dima, Marius; Anton, Margareta; Timnea, Olivia Report 1809
The relation among the setter position setter height and game result in elite women volleyball. Akarcesme, Cengiz; Yildiran, Ibrahim; Bakir, M. Akif; Arslan, Yasin Report 4523
The relationship among body composition, maximal oxygen uptake, sprint ability and T-drill agility tests in first division basketball players. Yusuf, Koklu; Utku, Alemdaroglu; Fatma, Unver Kocak; Emre, Erol A. Report 1230
The relationship between locus of control, self-esteem and goal orientation, motivational climate in badminton players. Gencer, Eylem Report 3288
The relationship between self esteem and physical exercise in women sports practice. Ionescu, Simona; Voicu, Sorinel; Ulmeanu, Andreea Report 2758
The role of physical training regarding the kinetically improvement and recovery to children having physical deficiency, the flat foot. Moldovan, Elena; Cioroiu, Silviu Gabriel; Enoiu, Roxana; Enoiu, Razvan Sandu Report 2511
The study of communication level between the Taekvando trainers and the sportsmen according to several variables. Sahan, Hasan; Yildiz, Mustafa; Tekin, Murat; Guclu, Mehmet; Esen, H. Tolga Report 6916
The study of effective factors on the motivation of tourists participating in sport events. Hemmatinezhad, Mehr Ali; Nia, Farhad Rahmani; Kalar, Akbar Mirzaei Report 4025
The use of competition through basketball as means of achieving the physical education lesson objectives. Ciocan, Catalin; Fleancu, Julien Leonard Report 2074
Un protectionnisme dangereux: la proposition du 6+5 de la FIFA et la regle du 6+2 appliquee en turquie, deux solutions pour limiter le nombre de footballeurs etrangers dans les championnats nationaux. Cetin, Cem Report 4299
Views of physical education teachers in primary and secondary schools on in- service activities and their frequencies of participation in these activities. Gunduz, N.; Arslan, E.; Gokyurek, B. Report 1649
Views of physical education teachers in primary and secondary schools on in-service activities and their frequencies of participation in these activities. Gunduz, Nevin; Arslan E.; Gokyurek, B. Report 1663
Visual perception success of fast ball game players during saccade. Yilmaz, Alpaslan Report 904

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