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Articles from Ovidius University Annals, Series Physical Education and Sport/Science, Movement and Health (June 1, 2009)

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A comparative study on the efficiency of associating the kinetic treatment to the occupational therapy within the general treatment of osteoporosis. Sirbu, Elena; Pantea, Corina; Matcau, Diana; Faur, Mihaela Report 2836
About quality in higher education. Pop, Cristiana Report 2085
Aerobic gymnastics program for correction of scoliosis--a case study. Damian, Mirela; Docu-Axelerad, Dan; Docu-Axelerad, Any; Stancu, Ioana Clinical report 850
Applying the sociodramas and psychodramas with the purpose of improving the psychosocial relations in sports teams. Lupu, Gabriel; Dobrescu, Tatiana Report 1968
Aspects for improving a higher in technical level on rugby player. Popescu, Raducu Report 2000
Aspects of psychological profile on youth soccer players. Gidu, Diana Victoria Report 2153
Body mass index in Czech older school-age children with and without motor difficulties. Psotta, Rudolf; Jakub, Kokstejn Report 4131
Bulgarian school physical education in the 80s and 90s of XX century and at the beginning of XXI century. Peneva, Boyanka; Mileva, Eleonora Report 2618
Child rights and the elite sport. Stefan, Maroti; Mihaela, Goina Report 2717
Coach communication scale in football a study of validity and reliablity. Abakay, Ugur; Kuru, Emin Report 1999
Comparative study concerning the motor and psycho motor development level of the 7-8 years old childrene. Vaida, Marius Report 3277
Comparative study concerning the somatic development at early scholar age. Vaida, Marius; Dulgheru, Mirela Report 2795
Comparative study on the share of the main means used during the preparation of outdoor seasons in 2007 and 2008 to the athletes of C.S. Stiinta Bacau. Gorgan, Carmina Mihaela; Vorovenci, Cristian Report 1405
Comparing the leadership characters of the students studying in the schools of physical education and sports (sample of Gazi University). Ozmutlu, Ilker; Yenel, Fatih; Tekin, Murat Report 2950
Constatativ study on the level of sports training basketball players in high school. Valentin, Negrea; Gheorghe, Simion; Adrian, Georgescu; Mirela, Negrea Report 1386
Criteria, ways and tests for selecting the students for the representative handball team, in the non-sportive faculties. Silviu-Ioan, Pavel Report 836
Difficulties of socio--professional integration of beginning teachers. Dumitriu, Constanta; Dumitriu, Iulia Cristina Report 1706
Effects of fatigue on the balance performance as measured by balance error scorring system in volleyball players. Halil, Taskin; Nurtekin, Erkmen; Serdar, Buyukipekci; Turgut, Kaplan; Ahmet, Sanioglu; Dede, Basturk Report 4348
Effects of physical recuperation in patients with multiple sclerosis. Dan, Docu Axelerad; Axelerad, Docu Any; Mirela, Damian; Barbu, A.; Carciumaru, N. Report 1522
Evolution and trends of the World University track and field. Mihailescu, Liliana; Mihailescu, Nicolae; Valcu, Bogdan Report 3442
Evolution of physical indices and techniques a team of football players with children aged 11-12 years. George, Stanculescu; Ionel, Melenco Report 1721
Examining the physical self-perception level of elite sportsman in accordance with different variables. Lok, Sefa; Tasgin, Ozden; Tekin, Murat; Yildiz, Mustafa; Temel, Veysel Report 4009
Experiences concerning the moulding/consolidation of the pshychological skills for the 400 m event. Mihailescu, Liliana Report 2130
Expression and stimulus of strength in the course of the evolutionary age. de Pascalis, Pierluigi Report 2453
Football personalities from oradea during the interwar period. Dumitrescu, Gheorghe Report 2420
Health status issues in persons with intellectual disabilities--the special Olympics health promotion program (I). Bota, Aura; Buzescu, Alexandru; Katharina, Kiss Report 1805
Imitation into handball through dynamic games with specific elements handball, the class II-A. Rizescu, Constantin; Georgescu, Adrian; Negrea, Valentin Report 993
Influence of music on wingate anaerobic test performance. Haluk, Koc; Turchian, Curtseit; Adnan, Curtseit Report 2699
Lecture and assessment--two effective methods in the professional training. Rata, Bogdan; Rata, Gloria; Alexe, Iulian Dan Report 2617
Logistic management assessment of sports clubs. Popa, Cristian Report 1596
Muscular power and speed performances in prepubescent soccer players. Hazar, Fatih Report 2091
Muscular preparation influence on body mass index and power to rugby players. Raducu, Popescu Report 2254
Muscular strength and body weight dynamics in mass fitness practice. Potop, Vladimir; Cimpeanu, Mariana; Ulareanu, Marius Report 2329
Neuro-linguistic programming middle preparedness contemporary sports. Dutu, Radu Report 1864
Optimizing military-marine student's performance for the obstacle course test. Lazar, Ion Report 2677
Optimizing the physical preparation of students from high school through athletics. Gevat, Cecilia; Larion, Alin; Popescu, Cristina; Gevat, Ismet Monica Denise; Bucur, Florin Report 1711
Outdoor activity in winter sport--alpine skiing. Ene-Voiculescu, Carmen; Ene-Voiculescu, Virgil Report 773
Oxygen and energy in phisical education. Bejan, Aurel Report 3969
Research on recovery in hip traumatisms by means of physical exercises. Sabau, Elena; Constantinescu, Olivia Ionela Report 1672
Research on the biomotric potential of first year students--having as specialization the kinetotherapy and special motricity. Niculescu, Georgeta; Gheorghe, Daniel; Butu, Oana; Jeleascov, Cristina Report 1390
Role of contourgrams in spotting technical mistakes in front crawl swimming. Galeru, Ovidiu Report 1571
Skill development by practicing the game of handball in the gymnasium at the VII grade. Cazan, Florin Report 2584
Sport games--sport disciplines trying to develop the combined motion qualities. Deacu, Marcel Report 2640
Sportsman's emotional states within competition, role of emotions in sport. Bondoc-Ionescu, Dragos Report 2150
Steps of training in obstacle race of naval pentathlon. Ene-Voiculescu, Virgil Report 955
Strategic development projects for logistics structures sports. Popa, Cristian Report 1144
Strategies of improving the effort capacity at institutionalized of elderly people. Rabolu, Elena Report 1165
Stress factors in soccer officiating. Craciun, Marius; Monea, Dan Report 2537
Study about specify digger skills of libero player in national championships first division female. Cojocaru, Adin; Cojocaru, Marilena Report 1227
Study concerning the improvement of lift and pull force in free fights. Truta, Marius Daniel Report 1352
Study of motor quality considered essential for top class 100 m hurdler. Neder, Florina Report 3102
Study of training process for female 100 m hurdlers. Neder, Florina Report 1933
Study on the implications of F.I.G. code of points on the composition of floor exercises. Vasilica, Grigore; Mihaela, Manos Report 1266
Study on the place and role of aerobic gymnastics in leisure activities of young woman. Zaharia, Ana-Maria; Dobrescu, Tatiana; Dumitru, Razvan Report 1155
Study on the relationship between the launch angle and the angle of entry of the ball in the basket in the case of the set shot. Hardut, Carmen; Stoica, Alexandru; Maroti, Stefan Report 1342
Study regarding quality of life changes at young obeses after a physical training individualized programme and nutrition counselling. Oravitan, Mihaela; Avram, Claudiu; Cismas, Andreia; Musuroi, Corina; Vlad, Adrian; Sirbu, Elena Report 1381
Study regarding the mechanics of breathing and the implications in the rowing sportive performance. Toma, Urichianu Sanda Report 2229
Study regarding the use of preparing games for teaching handball, during the ninth grade physical education lesson. Sufaru, Constantin Report 1715
Study with respect to planning and programming the content of the main indicators of the training on the level of a school athletic tethratlon team. Scurt, Corneliu Report 1869
Taking in handball using dynamics and preparatory games to the second grade. Cazan, Florin; Georgescu, Adrian Report 4323
The analysis of the performance capacity of the French male national handball team during the Olympic Games from Beijing 2008 and during the World Championship from Croatia--2009. Roman, Calin Report 1909
The assesment of the failure and success cases of the sportmen participating to Muai-Thai Turkey championship. Arslan, Fatma; Tekin, Murat; Ustun, Elif Report 1847
The disabled children's integration into leisure time recreational programs. Ivan, Corina Report 1964
The dynamic of resistance development in power regime during the physical education class on the basis of means specific to athletics. Finichiu, Marin Report 2222
The dynamics of communication and the determination in the sports lesson. Lupu, Elena Report 1703
The effect of exercise for eight weeks on postural defects in female's. Arslan, Fatma; Kaya, Yalcin Report 2068
The Ergosim system in swimming. Constantinescu Oana, Verona Report 877
The evolution of body segmentation methods for the determination of the general mass centre. Ancuta, Pirvana Report 1338
The fitness semantics and perspective in combating obesity. Rus, R. Virgil; Cretu, Aurica; Morariu, Eleonora Report 2641
The impact of homonym hemianopsia in functional recovery of the upper limb. Pasztai, Zoltan; Pasztai, Elisabeta; Mate, Zsolt; Matei, Corina Report 2164
The implications of the static and dynamic balance in the rhythmic gymnastics. Oltean, Antoanela Report 2465
The importance of game in the physical education class at elementary school. Constantinescu, Anamaria Report 1446
The improvement of relative instantaneous muscle power through the use of specific means to athletics during the physical and sport class. Finichiu, Marin Report 3073
The motoric properties of individual and team sportsman. Reha, Bicici; Savas, Ayhan; Vatan, Kavak Report 5842
The psychomotor transactional approach. Mirate, Maria Rosaria Report 2059
The ratio of performance obtained into jump five steps by athletics training and the test result of triple--jump event in championships. Gevat, Cecilia; Rata, Gloria; Larion, Alin Report 1420
The relationship between change direction ability and explosive strength in professional soccer players. Kaplan, Turgut; Erkmen, Nurtekin; Taskin, Halil; Sanioglu, Ahmet; Kumartasli, Mehmet; Arslan, Fatma Report 3187
The relationship of jumping and agility performance in children. Fatih, Hazar Report 1813
The role of physical exercise in reducing and combating sea sickness. Ionescu, Laurentiu Report 2069
The role of symmetrization in the game of handbal. Badau, Dana Report 1826
The specialist in physical education in the role of facilitator for the institutionalized children. Ionut, Bichescu Andrade Report 3789
The study of aggression level of secondary students who play sports and do not play sports. Akandere, Mehibe; Yildiz, Serkan; Bastug, Gulsum; Arslan, Fatma Report 2046
The study of anxiety and initiative levels of students who study at at the physical education academy. Tekin, Murat; Yildiz, Mustafa; Lok, Sefa; Temel, Veysel Report 3321
The surveying of the social comparison and hopelessness levels of students who study at the physical education academy. Yildiz, Mustafa; Tekin, Murat; Lok, Sefa; Tasgin, Ozden; Mehtap, Bekir Report 2735
To investigate of relationship between aerobic power and pulmonary function in athletes. Yunus, Oztasyonar; Suleyman, Erim Erhan; Huseyin, Eroglu Report 810
Training and systemic logic in adapted physical activities. Biancalana, Vincenzo Report 1672
Video analysises of techniques in 17th Men World Taekwon-do Championship in 2005. Arslan, Fatma; Tasgin, Ozden Report 3543
Workout with high and low reps. Mihailescu, Cristian Report 1533

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