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Overwatch's Jeff Kaplan streams, sits for hours in silence.

'Overwatch' creative director Jeff Kaplan has been live-streaming a video of himself sitting by a fireplace for several hours in complete silence.

The video, titled 'Overwatch Yule Log Featuring Jeff Kaplan', may be a Christmas prank by the 'Overwatch' team.

According to Kotaku, the video began with the camera focusing on an empty chair. Kaplan later walked in and took a seat. Normally, this would be where he starts talking about 'Overwatch' news. But as hours go by, he just sat there in silence.

At one point, he got hit on the head with a boom mike. The man holding it must have gotten tired or had to switch with someone.

In another break of silence, Kaplan commented that the milk might be poisonous and the cookies were a lie.

At another point, he uttered the name 'Dinoflask' and talked about giving a special Christmas gift. Kaplan said, 'Orca killer whale' and 'gratuitous.' After that, he went back to sitting quietly.

As of this writing, Kaplan is still streaming and sitting on the chair while over 30,000 netizens continue to watch. Some leave funny comments for the stream, such as, 'If you see this comment, blink your right eye' and 'He stares into our souls, he knows when we have sinned.'

Kaplan can be recognized as the face of the 'Overwatch' development team, the man in the videos which provide updates on the popular online game.

The 'Yule Log' began as an annual holiday TV program by the WPIX network in New York back in the 1960s. It focused on nothing but a fireplace on some burning wood. The show was created to allow those without fireplaces to enjoy a crackling fireplace on their televisions sets during the holiday season.

Viewers may join Jeff and the fiery 'Overwatch Yule Log' in the Twitch stream through this link.

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Date:Dec 25, 2017
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