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Overview of USD(AT & L) Continuous Learning Policy.

Acquisition personnel in Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) billets who are certified to the level of their position must earn 80 continuous learning "points" to meet Continuous Learning Policy requirements issued by the USD(AT & L) on Sept. 13, 2002. Continuous learning augments minimum education, training, and experience standards. Participating in continuous learning will enhance your career by helping you to:

* Stay current in acquisition functional areas, acquisition and logistics excellence-related subjects, and emerging acquisition policy

* Complete mandatory and assignment-specific training required for higher levels of DAWIA certification

* Complete "desired" training in your career field

* Cross-train to become familiar with, or certified in, multiple acquisition career fields

* Complete your undergraduate or advanced degree

* Learn by experience

* Develop your leadership and management skills.

A point is generally equivalent to one hour of education, training, or developmental activity. Continuous learning points build quickly when you attend training courses, conferences, and seminars; complete leadership training courses at colleges/universities; participate in professional activities; or pursue training through distance learning. Continuous learning points are assigned to distance learning courses <> based on their academic credits or continuing education units. Other activities such as satellite broadcasts, viewing a video tape, listening to an audio presentation, or working through a CD-ROM or Internet course can earn continuous learning points on a 1 point per 1 hour of time devoted to that activity. On-the-job training assignments, intra- and inter-organizational, rotational, broadening, and development assignments may also qualify toward meeting the continuous learning standards.
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