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Overtures to the 221st general assembly.

(continued from March 3, p. 9)

OVT 45 >> Amend G-2.0402, exempting newly elected officers from being retrained and reexamined if they have done so within the past three years. Presbytery of Genesee Valley.

OVT 46 >> Issue an authoritative interpretation regarding the roles of presbyteries and the General Assembly in determining which other Reformed denominations may receive for transfer a PC(USA) congregation. San Gabriel Presbytery.

OVT 47 >> Create a task force to identify common ground and reconcilable differences with respect to same-gender marriage. Eastern Korean Presbytery.

OVT 48 >> Urge U.S. government to lift travel restrictions for U.S. citizens traveling to Cuba. St. Augustine Presbytery.

OVT 49 >> Call on all Presbyterian members and ministries to promote and pray for food sovereignty and equity for all. Presbytery of Atlanta.

OVT 50 >> Affirm the importance of sustainable development and the Precautionary Principle. Presbytery of Southern New England.

OVT 51 >> Distinguish between biblical terms for the ancient land of Israel and those applied to the modern political state of Israel in Christian liturgy. Presbytery of Chicago.

OVT 52 >> Amend G-3.0106 to require congregations to pay per capita. Presbytery of Upper Ohio Valley.

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