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Byline: S.R.H. Hashmi-Karachi

THIS refers to the letter 'Jewish 'persecution'' (June 11) which tried to paint the Palestinian problem as a simple conflict between Israel and Hamas, ignoring the fact that Hamas had come to power only when Mahmoud Abbas failed to stop Israel from erecting Jewish settlements in the illegally-occupied territory. He made such extreme efforts to accommodate Israel that he himself was seen by the Palestinians as a traitor.

Even the recent flare-up was caused by Israeli efforts to dispossess yet more Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah village. After all, how much land Israel needs for its Jewish population of around seven million? In recent years, the number of people leaving Israel to settle in the West is on the rise, and yet Israel needs more land. Why?

The said letter also claimed that the majority of Jews and Palestinians want a peaceful and just solution to the issue. While all right-thinking governments and people, and of course Palestinians, want this, it may be only partly true of Jews living outside Israel and for some within Israel who carry little weight in Israeli politics. Oversimplification of a grave issue is not going to help the cause at all.

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Author:S.R.H. Hashmi-Karachi
Publication:Dawn (Karachi, Pakistan)
Geographic Code:7ISRA
Date:Jun 19, 2021
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