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Overseas adoptions up in 2003, China the leading source.

OTTAWA -- Canadians adopted 2,181 children from abroad, 13% higher than the previous year. However, last year's total did not exceed the peak of 2,222 in 1998.

Intercountry adoptions to Canada have been stable for nine years, running between 1,800 and 2,200 a year:

The 13% increase is almost entirely owing to a surge in adoptions from China. China remains the country of choice for Canadian families. They brought 1,108 Chinese children to Canada in 2003, an increase of 39% in one year.

Moreover, Chinese adoptions represent 51% of all international adoptions. China is the preferred country, with the second choice, Haiti, with 149 adoptions. Adoptions from Russia are down.

Adoptions are currently halted in Cambodia, Guatemala, Romania, Thailand (partial) and Vietnam for legal reasons.

Quebec continues to be the leading destination province, receiving 918 children from abroad. Ontario was second with 767, and British Columbia third with 211. Most of the children were settled in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.
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