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Overmolding thermoplastic elastomers.

The Versaflex OM 6100 Series of nylon overmolding TPEs was developed to provide a superior bond to most types of standard and modified nylons, including heat stabilized, lubricated and impact-modified nylon products, according to the manufacturer. OM 6160 and OM 6175 grades are said to offer 60 and 75 durometer A hardness values, respectively, and are available in black and natural versions.

Additional characteristics of the OM 6100 Series are said to include a soft touch/ rubbery feel and grip, a dull matte finish appearance, a superior surface quality with no mold marks and excellent colorability in natural grades.

Unlike some TPE nylon overmolds that are more suitable for multi-shot overmolding only, the Versaflex OM 6100 Series of TPEs is said to provide much more process flexibility in that they are suitable for both insert and multishot injection molding processes. These products are said to feature superior adhesion to standard and modified nylons, including glass-filled, impact modified, lubricated and heat stabilized grades. They are also said to feature excellent flow.


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Publication:Rubber World
Date:Jun 22, 2004
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