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Overmolded TPE Now Sticks to Acetal.

Suppliers of acetal say the inherent non-stick property of the resin no longer prevents good adhesion when overmolding with SEBS thermoplastic elastomers. This means that new functionality, including soft-touch effects, can be imparted to acetal. Integral gaskets can be applied to acetal at 30% cost savings versus conventional assembly, suppliers say.

Ticona, Summit, N.J., says a special SEBS that bonds to Ticona's Celcon acetals has been developed by Kraiburg TPE GmbH of Germany (U.S. office in Duluth, Ga.). This Thermolast-K TPE is said to create a thermal bond with tear strength exceeding that of the elastomer. It is recommended for use in knobs, levers, latches, industrial rollers, hinges, seals, and energy-absorbing components. This hard-soft molding system has potential in automotive, power-tool, appliance, medical, and other markets. Ticona has also formulated a Hostaform acetal grade that can be overmolded with nitrile rubber (NBR).

Meanwhile, Du Pont Engineering Polymers of Wilmington, Del., and Geneva, Switzerland, has announced a comparable advance in overmolding special Delrin acetal grades with a specially formulated Ponoflex styrenic TPE from Germany's Pongs and Jahn. This hard-soft material system opens potential in fasteners, clips, integral seals, and other components.

BASF Corp., Plastic Materials, Mt. Olive, N.J., also reports that it Ultraform acetals are being used in overmolding with TPEs. A company official cautions against universal solutions and says BASF prefers to formulate for each specific application.
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Comment:Overmolded TPE Now Sticks to Acetal.
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Date:Oct 1, 2001
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