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Overheated imaginations. (Correction, Please!).

ITEM: The break-up of an ice shelf in the Antarctic was treated as more proof of "global warming" on ABC's Good Morning America for March 20th: "The rapid collapse of a massive Antarctic ice shelf has scientists wondering if global warming is to blame. The Rhode Island-sized chunk of ice disintegrated in little more than a month during what's been one of the warmest Antarctic summers on record."

CORRECTION: While ABC and other doomsayers were quick to blame global warming, they jumped to an unwarranted conclusion. Dr. David Vaughn of the British Antarctic Survey notes that the temperatures in the Antarctic interior have actually been falling for decades. Moreover, "As far as global implications are concerned," he told the BBC, "there are few as far as the present event [the ice break-up] is concerned."

Even the left-leaning Washington Post acknowledged: "Researchers and scientists who study the Antarctic Peninsula cautioned that there was little evidence to directly link the ice shelf collapse to the effects of global warming...."

However, some couldn't resist this opportunity. Reuters, for example, featured a story on March 19th that claimed the Antarctic Peninsula had warmed by an astonishing 36 degrees Fahrenheit during the past half-century. However, what apparently happened (as the online Wall Street Journal suggested) was that the wire service confused the temperature of 2.5 degrees Celsius (about 36 degrees Fahrenheit) with the recorded change of 2.5 degrees Celsius (a change of some 4 degrees Fahrenheit).
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Author:Hoar, William P.
Publication:The New American
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Date:Apr 22, 2002
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