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Byline: Neil Bonner

MPRESSIONIST Jon Culshaw (right) is disappointed that Ken Clarke was knocked out of the Tory leadership race. "It's a shame he fell by the wayside because he's a gift to impressionists," says the star of TV's Dead Ringers.

So what can he do with the remaining two hopefuls? "If David Davies is elected, I will probably portray him as having a rather grumpy quality, rather leaning towards Albert Steptoe," he chuckles.

And if it's David Cameron? "Then I would play him in a sort of airy-fairy way... quite similar to Tony Blair, in fact

T'S taken nearly 40 years, but at last the story of Pickles, the dog who found the missing World Cup, is about to be told. Shortly before England's triumph at Wembley in 1966, the coveted Jules Rimet trophy was stolen from a display at Westminster Hall. The nation was gutted, little knowing that canine help was at hand. Harry Enfield provides the voice of Pickles in this true-life drama which will transmit on ITV1 next year to coincide with the 2006 World Cup

AJAN and his Evil Hypnotists, from Channel 4's weird and wacky Dirty Tricks, have landed their own series on the channel's off-shoot E4, starting on November 8. Watch out for the Scottish lass who can't stop crying while interviewing eccentric racing pundit John McCririck. Nothing new there though - he often reduces women to tears

ROM making the news to, well, making the news... that's life for athlete Dame Kelly Holmes (left). She is one of four guest news editors to work on Five News over four consecutive weeks from Friday November 11. Others include Ms Dynamite and Alastair Campbell. "It will be fascinating to see how their backgrounds influence their editorial judgement," says Five News presenter Kirsty Young. The phrase "pointless exercise" springs to mind

AROLINE Langrishe, still perhaps best known as the love interest of TV's Lovejoy, seems unaware that men of all ages regard her as a bit of a sexpot. She has several websites devoted to her charms.

"Have I?" she says, appearing genuinely surprised. "Well, that's very nice."

Now 47, the blonde, and still beautiful, actress is touring in the stage play Marrying the Mistress

T wasn't too much of a problem back in the days when Mickey Most and Tony Hatch verbally laid into acts on the old talent show New Faces. These days, being a Mr Nasty of TV comes with far more risks. "I've had people wait outside for me with baseball bats," says the X Factor's Simon Cowell.

"There have been death threats, too. But I don't take it seriously at all

OHN Nettles has a simple philosophy. Says the Midsomer Murders star: "There are three things you need in life - a pretty wife, lots of money and a good takeaway
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Oct 29, 2005
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