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Overheard Sibrydion.

Byline: Neil Bonner

ITV took the unusual step of commissioning a second series of My Uncle Silas, starring Albert Finney, while the first series was still being filmed.

The gentle romantic tales of Uncle Silas, by Darling Buds of May writer H.E Bates, will be unveiled next month.

Sixty-five-year-old Finney, who shot to fame in the 1960 film Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, says : "It's flattering to get the go-ahead for more before the public had seen any of them - maybe ITV wanted to move things along quickly before I pegged out!"

Despite being invited to make another series of his critically-mauled comedy So What Now? , Lee Evans has told the BBC:

"Thanks - but no thanks."

The comic has accepted that the show wasn't as good as he'd have liked and says it will be some time before he ventures back to television.

So what now? "I want to concentrate on films, " he says.

I can vouch for Chris Evans' legendary capacity for drink, having witnessed him boozing at a hotel until 2am the other day.

At the end of the session he was blearyeyed and a little unsteady on his feet. But he was extremely polite to hotel staff. And the next morning he was ready to tuck into a full English breakfast.

Watch out for a 1951 film called Lady Godiva Rides Again, starring British actress Pauline Stroud. She beat a certain Joan Collins for the part, was hailed as a major star in the making and signed to a pounds 40,000 a-year five-film deal. But she broke her contract and was never heard of again.

However, she's remained in showbusiness. Now 70, she does "walk-ons" as a working hobby at the Royal Opera House and has been doing for more than 25 years.

"Come on over to our place" has to be accompanied by more specific instructions when Tim Healy and his actress wife Denise Welch invite friends to their home - because they've got three.

Their main base is in a leafy corner of Cheshire, but if they feel like a change of scenery they can always head for their second place, in the North East.

Alternatively, they have the option of spreading their wings a little and heading to their bolthole in the sunny Spanish resort of Marbella.

Kathy Burke may have flirted with Hollywood but she's currently having to settle for the delights of Nottingham, where she's filming her latest movie.

She will star with Max Beesley in Anita and Me - a story based on a novel by Goodness Gracious Me actress Meera Syal.

The film, made by the same company that had such a hit with Billy Elliot, also boasts Lynn Redgrave in the cast, as well as Meera herself.

He may be a multi millionaire but Brian Conley's favourite holiday spot wouldn't exactly break the bank for you or I.

Whenever he gets a few days off, he doesn't jet off to the Caribbean but instead heads to a caravan park near Brighton!

Brian, ITV's new face of light entertainment, who increasingly will be stepping into Michael Barrymore's shoes in the months ahead, owns a caravanette and loves nothing better than setting off for the south coast with his wife Anne-Marie and their four-year-old daughter, AmyLouise.


HOMELIFE: Denise Welch, Tim Healy and son have three homes
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Title Annotation:Media
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 22, 2001
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