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Overcoming Indonesia's Water Infrastructure Challenges.

Jakarta, Jan 17, 2012 - (ACN Newswire) - Rudie Kusmayadi, President Director of the Pdam Tirta Rahardja Bandung Regency, highlights three needs for Indonesian water infrastructure development: a capable water resource, financing, and most importantly, an affordable market.

"Water infrastructure projects on a large scale usually uses surface water (rivers); due to the current water balance that does not meet the requirements of water infrastructure project, the government plans to build small dams and establish integrated program for the districts surrounding the rivers (known as one river - one management - one integrated program). The solution for financing will use domestic sources or develop PPP. The market actually is not so difficult to interfere either for the poor. Forthe poor, the government will provide a budget to support," he said.

Benny Andrianto, Vice President, & Director of PT. Adhya Tirta Batam, explains that some of the major issues that need to be addressed are the existing raw water capacity.

"The amount of investment and tariff, as well as the ambiguity government policy (BIDA/ PEMKO). What also needs to be understood is the culture. The climate, although something that we can't control, needs to be understood to remove wastages and increase the efficiency and output of water," he said.

Andrianto also explains that looking ahead, some additional raw water will need to be realized in the next couple of years, and needs to be ready by 2016. "Also the operation efficiency with reducing NRW needs to be increased. An education programme to encourage people to save water needs to be realised to reduce the consumption of water per capita. Additionally population growth control needs to be addressed and a water desalination plant which recycles water could be a reality in the near future. Some of the above issues need to be handled by the Government, rather than the water operator," he added.

Both Benny and Rudie will be speaking at Water Infrastructure Indonesia. Email to register or visit for more details on the list of speakers and topics that will be discussed at Water Infrastructure Indonesia.

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