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Overcome insurer bad faith with Exchange litigation packets.

Increasingly, plaintiff lawyers protecting policyholders' rights are exposing insurance bad faith in handling legitimate claims, and the ATLA Exchange has litigation packets to help attorneys take on the insurance industry. The packets were created with the help of experienced plaintiff members.

The newest packet is titled Bad Faith Denial of Workers' Compensation Benefits: How MG and American Home Assurance Allow Financial Incentives to Interfere with Proper Claims Handling. Other packets:

* What You Need to Know About Farmers: Structure of the Enterprise and Employee Incentive Program

* Insurance Bad Faith: Travelers' Claims Professional Incentive Program

* The Insurer's Use of Computer Software in Claims Evaluation: Advocating for Your Client in the Age of Colossus

* UnumProvident Bad Faith: Deposition and Trial Transcript Collection

* UnumProvident Bad Faith: Occupational Stress Disability Deposition Collection

Litigation packets include court documents, corporate documents produced in discovery, deposition transcripts and summaries, plaintiff case strategies, and other materials that ATLA members need to combat insurers' claims-handling tactics.

For more information, log onto the Exchange at and click on "Litigation Packets," or call (800) 344-3023.
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Date:Dec 1, 2006
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