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Over-stretched wards at breaking point; DAILY POST OUR VIEW.

CRISES in our health service are in danger of becoming so familiar, that they lose their ability to shock.

Whether it is yet another headline in the papers or story on the evening news, tales of over-stretched services and staff, or patients receiving less care as a result, are increasingly familiar.

So it would be easy to read the experience of Rachel Martin in today's Daily Post, and move on with just a shake of the head.

But stop a minute, and consider the evidence of even just the past few weeks.

Ambulances are queuing outside Accident and Emergency facilities, while medics treat patients on board, due to lack of space inside.

One patient told the Daily Post of being treated inside a hospital cupboard before being sent home, despite concerns, because there was nowhere suitable to care for her.

Now another patient has come forward, to tell of her wait on a hospital trolley because the A&E department was overflowing with people seeking treatment.

The NHS and its staff are creaking with the demand placed upon it, especially with the latest loss of services. The blame does not lie solely with those who hobble to A&E instead of waiting for a slot with their GP.

Local facilities have been closed, placing greater strain on those that remain - and that's before the summer tourist influx arrives to swell the demand placed on hospitals.

Fears about the long-term sustainability of the region's health service have been voiced from the outset of the shake up plans being revealed. Health chiefs have sown the wind; unfortunately, it's the patients and staff who are now reaping the whirlwind.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Apr 5, 2013
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