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Over due.

Summary: Reader complaints against delay to cancel the connection

Manuel Almario, Community Editor

I live in a new building in Ajman and was presented a special offer since du was newly offered in this building. I was supposed to get some free data, sim card and a dongle for internet use as confirmed by them. Du had to visit my house three times in September to finally have this fixed, and connected internet.

The trouble started when I realised that the salesman who sold me this plan under the special offer had not given me the freebies yet. I have complained to du multiple times on this, with promises that I will receive this. All I got is a call from the salesman who sold me the connection without any promise/action on the delivery of the free stuff.

I let it go after I realised no one in du cares about this complaint.

I have a du FGB credit card on which I get cash back if I register my credit card for automatic payments. So, first week of January, I went to a du store and registered my card. I was told the payments will be taken on the bill due date.

Then I started receiving payment reminders for non-payment of the bill. To clear all doubts, I emailed du about the same. They confirmed to me via mail on January 27, 2017: "Kindly be informed that your direct debit is set up and it has taken place in your account, however, the due date of your bill will be January 31, 2017 and rest assured that the outstanding amount will be taken on its due date."

So I relax. No payment goes from my credit card on January 31. I get a payment reminder again.

Now du confirms this was not charged as my credit card expiry is February 2017.

That wasn't the explanation for why the bill was not charged to my card on January 31 since the credit card is still valid.

Du has given me enough troubles, so I decided to cancel the connection upon my return from my holiday on February 18, 2017.

I contacted du on February 18 to cancel it. I was told I cannot raise the cancellation request as my account is inactive; I need to make a payment of Dh200 and call back to place this request.

I made a payment on February 20, called back the same date to raise cancellation request. I got a call back from retention team on February 21, after trying to convince me to keep my connection, finally she gave up and confirmed my connection will be cancelled immediately and my final bill will be ready in two days - I could visit any du store and make the final settlement.

Days passed. I never get any news. I realised my landline is still working. I called du again asking why this isn't cancelled? The customer care agent confirms this is due to a technical fault at their end, do not worry and will be sorted and also I won't be charged for the account for the days after February 21. They even offered to call and update me once the bill is generated.

It was forgotten. I called back du on March 7, asking for an update. I was told the following:

1. My cancellation was not processed as I had previous outstanding.

2. I need to make a payment of Dh200 now and call back for cancellation.

3. He can request for waiver of charges for days charged to me from February 21.

4. Further to previous bills, there is a new bill generated on March 1 (mind you I cancelled my account on February 21. How can a new bill be generated on March 1?).

5. I demanded to speak to his supervisor, got promised of a call back from him.

No calls came.

I just want my connection disconnected. Hope Gulf News can help.

From Mr Geo Zachariah


A spokesperson from du responds: With reference to the query of Mr Zachariah, our team has looked into the details. We have explained the details of the bill to the customer and have explained the valid charges. The customer is satisfied with our explanation and hence the case is closed from our side. We regret the inconvenience.

Mr Zachariah responds: A representative from du called and informed me about the final bill is ready and that I can just pay it off now and get rid of du. Thanks to Gulf News for the intervention.

(Process initiation: March 19. Response from organisation: March 28. Reader confirmation: March 29.)

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Publication:Gulf News (United Arab Emirates)
Date:May 7, 2017
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