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Over 5,200 attend Rubber Expo '07.

The Rubber Division, ACS, hosted more than 5,200 attendees from around the world for the 30th Rubber Expo, International Rubber Conference (IRC) 2007 and 172nd Technical Meeting in Cleveland, OH, October 16-18. Over 700 of the attendees came from 43 different countries outside the U.S.

International Rubber Conference 2007

International Rubber Conference Organization (IRCO) delegates and international attendees were hosted by the Rubber Division at the IRC 2007. Twenty-three IRC organizational planning board delegates representing 17 countries attended the conference.

The IRCO elected John Long of Lion Copolymer LLC as its executive chairman for 2008. He will work with the organization's secretary general in coordinating the work of the committee, ensuring continuity from one meeting to the next, according to the organization. Long is one of two delegates from the U.S. on the IRCO Committee and is a member of the Rubber Division, ACS, serving on its executive committee as a councilor.

A dinner was held to welcome the IRCO delegates, in addition to international and national Rubber Expo and technical meeting attendees. June Hawkins, IRCO secretary-general, made the IRC Medal presentation to Yury L'vovich Morozov of Russia. American Chemical Society President Catherine Hunt served as the keynote speaker for the International Dinner, speaking on "Reigniting our commitment to science and technology: Innovation, collaboration and education."

The IRCO comprises representatives of 16 rubber technical societies from around the world that organize conferences and expositions in the member countries once per year. The next meeting of the IRC will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in October 2008.

172nd Technical Meeting

The Rubber Division's 172nd Technical Meeting included presentations of 148 papers, 64 of which were presented by international attendees representing 16 different countries.

Rubber Expo 2007

This year, the Rubber Division celebrated the Rubber Expo's 30th anniversary. The Division began holding a rubber exhibition in 1965 that was known as the International Conference and Exhibit. Based upon historical data from the Division's archives, it was not until 1977 that the exhibition was officially named Rubber Expo.

During the first year of the Rubber Expo, 67 companies exhibited at the show, while this year there were nearly 300 exhibitors. The Division announced that 21 of the original 67 companies have exhibited in every show since its inception. These companies include Alpha Technologies, C.W. Brabender Instruments, Desma, Farrel, Flexsys America, Huber Engineered Materials, ISP Elastomers, Kenrich Petrochemicals, Lanxess, Lord, Reliable Rubber & Plastics Machinery, Rep, Rhein Chemie, Rohm & Haas, Rubber and Plastics News, Rubber Molding Technologies, Rubber World, Sartomer, Wabash MPI, Wallace Instruments and Zeon Chemicals.

Continuing the international theme, Rubber Expo 2007 included the first international pavilion on the show floor. Many companies from China exhibited for the first time.

Another initiative on the exposition floor was the re-establishment of the Rubber Recycling Pavilion. This continued the Division's plan to provide forums to promote and encourage recycling through recycling workshops, technical symposia and bi-annual conferences on rubber modified asphalt. The Division also promotes the virtues of recycling through the Rubber Recycling Topical Group.

Workforce recruitment/development

The Rubber Division continued implementation of its Workforce Recruitment & Development Program during the expo and technical meeting. The program is based on six initiatives that attract and help students during their college years, assuring the right education, training, experience and networking with the industry. These initiatives include student chapters, national scholarships, national internships/co-ops, student colloquia, education and training, and career assistance.

A student colloquium and poster sessions were held with a combination of graduate and undergraduate paper presentations. This year's colloquium opened with a keynote presentation by Hans-Martin Issel of Rhein Chemie on the topic of silica processing promoters.

Ten students representing the University of Akron (Ohio), Chonnam National University (Korea) and the University of Massachusetts-Amherst presented papers during the colloquium. Twelve students from the University of Akron, Chonnam National University, the University of Cincinnati and Western Kentucky University presented posters during the colloquium.

Graduate and undergraduate participants were eligible to win one of four $1,500 awards. Awards for best papers and posters included: Undergraduate paper--Lindsay Kelderhouse, University of Akron, for "Anionic synthesis of in-chain functionalized polymers"; Undergraduate poster--Jon Nienaber, Ferris State University, for "Nitrosamine-free cure systems in EPDM"; Graduate paper--Ling Du, University of Akron, for "Highly conductive epoxy/graphite composites for bipolar plates in proton exchange membrane fuel cells"; and Graduate poster--Mustafa Y. Sen, University of Akron, for "Functionalization of polyisobutylene-based biomaterials using enzymatic catalysis."

The Rubber Division held a Student Job Fair aimed at graduate and undergraduate students in attendance at the Rubber Expo and 172nd Technical Meeting. Six participating companies provided approximately 30 attending students with information about available job openings, as well as internships and co-op programs.

The Division also hosted a classroom of high school students and their teachers from the Lake Academy, Willoughby, OH, who visited the exposition and interviewed exhibitors as part of a school project.

Rubber Division undergraduate scholarship winners for the 2007-2008 school year include: Matthew Carper, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, mechanical engineering junior; Michael Frank, University of Akron, mechanical engineering senior; and Tyler Hershberger, University of Akron, mechanical engineering junior.

Rubber Division Rubber Technology Training Award winners for 2007 were Kelly Combs, Cooper Tire & Rubber, Findlay, OH; and Dean Hoy, Rohm and Haas, West Alexandria, OH.

Education and training

The Rubber Division held five business and technical courses that included 125 course participants. Three of the courses were sold out.

The Rubber Division and the Rubber Manufacturers Association built on their partnering efforts with a new initiative. For the first time, the RMA held its TPE Symposium for senior leaders during the technical meeting. The intent of this symposium was to brief senior leaders on key concerns in consideration of business opportunities in TPE/TPV materials, including market trends, conversion economies and innovation.

During this year's Business Summit, 56 rubber industry executives joined nearly 60 registered Business Summit participants for a luncheon. During the luncheon, the theme was unveiled for the Rubber Division's 100th anniversary. Richard Steevensz of Lanxess submitted the wining theme, "100 years! ... and still stretching beyond your imagination." The Business Summit continued with a keynote speaker and three additional presentations all focused on providing a heightened awareness of economic issues impacting the rubber manufacturing industry on a domestic and international scale in today's globally competitive environment.

2008 executive committee

The Rubber Division, ACS, announced the 2008 division chair and executive committee during the Fall 172nd Technical Meeting and Rubber Expo.

The 2008 Rubber Division chair is Al Feit, a project compounder at the Engineered Products Research Center at Veyance Technologies. Feit has been a member of the Rubber Division for the past 14 years and has worked in the rubber industry for 30 years.

Feit's primary goals for 2008 are said to be to continue industry and Rubber Division meetings aimed at improving support for the Rubber Division and rubber groups, increase the awareness of the Rubber Division's value, implement the Rubber Division's new strategic plan, continue to support and implement the Rubber Division's workforce recruitment and development plan, continue the emphasis on students and educational opportunities, continue the Division's cooperation and programming with similar organizations and related industries globally, and to maintain the Division's current fiscal management strategies. Feit's motto for 2008 is, "Formulating the future on the foundations of the past."

Other Executive Committee members for 2008 include: Gary Homing, Polymer Valley Chemicals, chair-elect; John Boruta, consultant, past chair; Walter H. Waddell, ExxonMobil Chemical, secretary; Leonard Thomas, Caterpillar, assistant secretary; Timothy S. Dickerson, R.T. Vanderbilt, treasurer; Joseph Walker, Freudenberg-NOK, assistant treasurer; Charles P. Rader, retired, director of bylaws and procedures; Robert E. Carroll, III, R.E. Carroll, directors' representative; Jacques Arseneault, Tech Pro (Canada), directors' representative-elect; John M. Long, Lion Copolymer, councilor; Robert A. Pett, retired, councilor; Charles P. Rader, councilor; Walter H. Waddell, alternate councilor; Krishna C. Baranwal, retired, alternate councilor; Ralph S. Graft, retired, alternate councilor; and Edward L. Miller, Rubber Division, ACS, executive director.

Area directors for 2008 will include the following: Jim Campbell, American Chemet, Blue Ridge; Luis A. Tormento, Lt. Comercio E Repres. De Borracha Ltd., Brazil; Richard Pazur, Lanxess, Canada; Dante Capriotti, Daikin America, Chicago; Russell A. Mazzeo, Mazzeo Enterprises, Connecticut; Greg Lytle, Solvay Solexis, Detroit; William M. Stahl, DuPont Performance Elastomers, Energy; Paul Glasgow, Stemaco USA, Fort Wayne; Zachariah George, Indian Rubber Institute, India; Kurt Mueller, R.T. Vanderbilt, Los Angeles; Joaquin A. Gonzalez, Gonzalez Cano Y Compania SA do CV, Mexico; Robert E. Carroll, III, R.E. Carroll, Mid-Atlantic; Brian Barkes, Solvay Solexis, Midwestern; Richard C. Mullin, II, Harwick Standard Distribution, New England; Tom Nunley, Continental Carbon, Ohio; Ron Williams, Rohm & Haas Canada, Ontario; Jacques Arseneault, Tech Pro Canada, Quebec; Jack Kuykendall, Alpha Technologies, St. Louis; J. Craig Moore, Natrochem, Southern; Robert E. Eggers, Dyneon LLC, Twin Cities; Leo C. Goss, Jr., Rhein Chemie, West Michigan; Nicholas Fasolino, Alternative Rubber & Plastics, Western New York; and Dante Capriotti, Daikin America, Wisconsin.

Information on the Rubber Division, ACS, is available at
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