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Over 250 gas utilities benefit from 3+ million UMAC EFVs.

Since 1975 over 3 million UMAC Excess Flow Valves (EFVs) have been supplied to over 250 gas utilities, nationwide, as part of their effort to improve the environment and their bottom line.

In the EPA's 2004 Annual Accomplishment Report on the Natural Gas STAR Program the transmission and distribution sector partners reported that EFVs were among the top three Partner Reported Opportunities (PROs) that attributed to a total savings of 25.6 Billion cubic feet of natural gas in 2002.

By using UMAC EFVs gas utilities are reducing the emission of methane gas into the environment, and at the same time saving an equal amount of lost gas revenues. Other Financial Benefits UMAC EFV users are also realizing several other major tangible and intangible financial benefits that may be as important, if not more important than saving gas.

These include:

[] Saving time and money by turning many emergencies into routine situations.

[] Providing safer working conditions for utility and emergency response personnel at the scene of a service line break.

[] Safeguarding against negative publicity resulting from emergencies caused by third party line break.

[] Reducing excessive liabilities resulting from catastrophic damage caused by gas leaks.

[] Costing less than implementing of a notification program.

[] Increasing public confidence in gas and its safety.

[] Showing positive concern for the community and the environment.

When all these factors are added together, it becomes obvious that a positive return on investment (ROI) is achieved by using UMAC EFVs.

Product Features

UMAC EFVs meet or exceed all performance and specification standards for EFVs. Compatible with fitting and piping materials from most manufacturers they are available for lines from 1/2" to 8" and pressures from 7" w.c. to 1000 psi with higher pressures possible.

Commercial, industrial and residential valves are available for most domestic and international applications. All UMAC valves come with a "Life Time Product Warranty" and 100% of production valves are functional flow tested. UMAC offers an EFV Design Disk for sizing and selection of their valves and a Mobile Training Unit to assist customers.

For the industries most comprehensive information on EFVs visit

UMAC Inc. 120 South Ship Rd Exton, PA 19341 610-524-6800 * Fax 610-524-6806 Circle #142 or click
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Publication:Pipeline & Gas Journal
Date:Jul 1, 2005
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