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Over 1,100 applicants receive home loan subsidies in 5 years.

Statistics of the Ministry of Finance show that since 2012 when the project of subsidized home loans began which got later supplemented with the project of subsidized home loans for young people, 795 applications for subsidized installments and 310 for subsidized down payments have been granted. 918 applications were for purchasing a new apartment and 187 for building a house.

Within these two projects, the government approved 9 million euros in subsidies for loans of 38.5 million euros. Most loans (1,004) have been granted within the project of subsidized home loans as 101 are applicants in the project of subsidized home loans for young people.

The Ministry said that during the early parliamentary elections, the commission in charge wasn't selecting applicants but once the required legal conditions were in place, over the course of July, a total of 69 subsidized home loans of last year's call were approved. 18 people applied for a loan in the ongoing call that closes at the end of the year. Given that the local elections have been called, consultations will be held within relevant institutions as to when these applications for subsidized home loans can be considered.

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Title Annotation:BUSINESS NEWS
Publication:INFOMAC Daily News Service
Date:Aug 11, 2017
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