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Outsmarting Depression.

Outsmarting Depression

Debbie Thurman

Cedar House Publishers

PO Box 399, Monroe, VA 24574-0399

0967628946 $12.95

Outsmarting Depression: Surviving The Corssfire Of The Mental Health Wars is a straightforward self-help guide by journalist and mental health advocate Debbie Thurman, herself a "psychiatric survivor" of Major Depressive Disorder. Taking a sharp stance against the common belief that depression is caused solely by an imbalance of brain chemicals, Outsmarting Depression does not deny the role of medication in treating the depressed, but focuses on all-too-common cases where medicine is insufficient or even superfluous, and the roots of the problem lie in emotional or spiritual issues, childhood experiences, or a lifestyle that is in dire need of change. Teaching the reader how to distinguish biological from emotional/spiritual depression, how to avoid being trapped between warring health practitioners, and offering the straight scoop on what leading professionals truly think of depression treatments, Outsmarting Depression is highly recommended for anyone struggling with depression as a persistent problem or worse.
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Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
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Date:Aug 1, 2004
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