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Outrageous lawsuit.

Re: 9/5/03 news story, "Sta-Rite Held Liable for $104 million."

This jury award is outrageous! Pumps don't entrap people--careless pool operators and ignorant swimmers entrap each other!

The apartment-pool caretakers should have made this pool safe by securing the cover. The health department should know better than to allow covers to just rest in place. And, of all things, a teenage person should know NOT to put their hand in a drain of a swimming pool!

I am sorry about the injury. But they are going after the wrong people! Sta-Rite, I hope you win the appeal.

Scott Tuomey

Pool operator, 27 years

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Title Annotation:Letters
Author:Tuomey, Scott
Publication:Pool & Spa News
Date:Oct 3, 2003
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