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Outline for teaching complications and procedures very fast with Childbirth Graphics slides.

How can you teach these difficult topics most efficiently? How can you help your clients gain the familiarity they need without getting bogged down in details? This is my outline, which enables me to cover this material quite adequately (and fairly cheerfully) in less than one hour. Not every topic has a corresponding slide, but the slides keep things moving, and they save you a lot of verbal description.
Condition/Purpose Procedure

Premature labor Bedrest, drugs, NICU
Post dates Prostaglandin, pitocin
PROM Induce/augment labor
Check progress Vaginal exams
Monitor FHR EFM, internal, external
Check mec/long labor Amniotomy
Dehydration, adm med IV fluids
Pain, maternal distress Anesthesia/analgesia
Prolonged labor Augmentation
VBAC, Maternal med ?Cesarean
PI abr/previa, shock Cesarean
Cord prolapse Cesarean
Fetal distress Cesarean
Malpres Cesarean
True CPD Cesarean
Prevent tears, speed Episiotomy

Condition/Purpose Alternatives

Premature labor
Post dates Lovemaking, acupr, herbs
PROM Avoid exams, wait, chk temp
Check progress Wait, observe, ask her
Monitor FHR Fetoscope, doptone
Check mec/long labor Wait, position, nipple stim.
Dehydration, adm med Drink! Eat! Relax!
Pain, maternal distress Support, relaxation, tools
Prolonged labor Positions, rest, assess, wait
VBAC, Maternal med Evaluate
PI abr/previa, shock
Cord prolapse
Fetal distress Evaluate carefully!
Malpres Vag breech, version
True CPD Evaluate, forceps, vac extr
Prevent tears, speed Prepare, slow del, allow tear

Condition/Purpose Slide

Premature labor
Post dates Pitocin (2)
Check progress
Monitor FHR Ext, int mon (4)
Check mec/long labor
Dehydration, adm med
Pain, maternal distress Regional anesth
Prolonged labor (Show pos. chart)
VBAC, Maternal med VBAC/mat med
PI abr/previa, shock PI prev, abrupt
Cord prolapse Prolapse, f distr
Fetal distress Prolapse, f distr
Malpres Malpres/CPD
True CPD Malpres/CPD
 Vac extr (2)
 CSec set (14)
Prevent tears, speed Episotomy

Turn off projector and describe: Shoulder dystocia, baby blue and not breathing or white and limp, loss of FHT or still birth, loss and grief, undiagnosed twins (this gets a welcome chuckle after "loss and grief"), baby born in membranes, suction, cord around neck, cord cut, pitocin in 3rd stage, 3 kinds of hemmorhage (hidden/shocky, gush/bimanual compr, slow trickle), precipitous labor, placenta problems pp (retained, adherent, fragments), erythromycin, PKU, Vit K, tears and stitches, rooming-in, early discharge, infection, bleeding, lochia ...3
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