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Outlaw bogus self-employment scams; SEANAD BILL.

The Seanad will today debate a Bill from Labour's Ged Nash, below, aiming to ban bogus self-employment arrangements.

He explains why this legislation should become law.

magine that you're an out-of-work plasterer, desperate for a job to keep a roof over your family's head. You're offered work on a big site in Dublin and show up on Monday morning, as agreed.

You're met at the gate and told you'll get the gig alright, but only if you declare yourself to be "self-employed".

That's because this practice allows bad bosses to cut their pay bills by avoiding paying employers' PRSI.

This scam must be stopped in its tracks. Rogue bosses force you to sign up to a sham arrangement which allows them to cut their labour costs to the bone. They no longer have to pay the employers' PRSI for you as you have to look after your own tax and social insurance.

You walk, talk and act exactly like a directly-employed worker but without the benefits we all take for granted.

Employees caught up in this situation have no rights. They can be sacked at any time with no legal comeback.

They have no entitlement to sick pay or holiday pay and get no redundancy if they are shown the door. This rotten practice has no place in the Ireland of today. That's why I crafted a new draft law to address it once and for all.

I appeal to the Government to back the Labour Bill which will, if passed, treat all workers exactly the same under the law.

Bad bosses should feel the full force of the law when they dodge PRSI in the same way as some cheat the taxman.

Bogus self-employment is just plain wrong and should be outlawed.

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 28, 2018
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