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Outdoor solar lighting gets an upgrade.

Engineers around the world continue to make new and improved innovative solar energy solutions. It should come as no surprise that the leading outdoor solar lighting producer, Gama Sonic USA, developed a revolutionary process known as Morph Technology that increases the number of solar cells that can be integrated into light fixtures.

Solar Panel Background

First-generation solar cells, also known as photovoltaic (PV) cells, are made with silicon. Traditional solar panels are typically a flat-plate and require a flat surface in order to collect energy adequately. The sun is absorbed by a network of PV cells and transformed into a sustainable, renewable direct current of electricity.

Second-generation solar cells, also called thin-film solar cells, are made of amorphous silicon or nonsilicon materials like cadmium telluride. These consist of thin film solar cell layers that are only a few micrometers thick. This type of paneling can double as building facades, shingles, tiles, or the glazing for skylights.

Third-generation solar cells can be made from various materials such as solar inks, solar dyes, and conductive plastics. Some solar cell technology reflects sunlight onto high-efficiency PV material using plastic lenses or mirrors.

Types of Silicone

Traditional solar panels are normally what you'll find on the roofs of homes. Monocrystalline solar panels are crafted with an extremely pure form of silicon. This type of solar panel is darker in color and one of the most efficient on the market.

Polycrystalline solar panels are made from melted raw silicon and contain speckled blue tones. These are faster to manufacture than monocrystalline panels. These are also more economical and effectively absorb sunlight energy.

Introducing Morph Technology

Solar cell technology has come a long way. The team at Gama Sonic USA has developed a unique process that infuses monocrystalline PV cells right into the outdoor lighting fixture. This provides a greater region to completely capture any available sunlight to convert it into usable energy.

Integrating the solar cells directly into the material gives it the advantage of being able to be used on curved and uneven surfaces, in addition to flat areas. The possibilities become limitless thanks to the flexibility of Morph Technology.

Benefits of Morph Technology

When compared to the 25 to 45 percent of occupied space by traditional solar cells, Morph Technology is more efficient. The entire surface area can be integrated with Morph Technology. No space is wasted. This results in longer charging periods that put out brighter illumination and better battery duration.

This groundbreaking solar technology advances outdoor solar lighting making them more green-friendly and practical. This innovative solar cell tech is a patented pending solar technology being used in several of Gama Sonic's solar energy products.

Who is Gama Sonic?

Formed in 1985, Gama Sonic USA is a leading green-energy company. It is a top-notch manufacturer and distributor of quality outdoor solar lighting solutions, catering to both businesses and residences alike. While the company got its start in the manufacturing of emergency and utility lights, it has turned its focus on solar lighting fixtures.

It currently distributes a wide range of products around the world, including an advanced solar light bulb that looks like a conventional light bulb. Gama Sonic is a leading producer of modern solar lighting technology. It plans to continue providing low cost, innovative green technology, and custom outdoor solar lighting with their very own patented technologies.

The Future of Solar Energy

While solar panels have been around for years, the development of green technology to fit a wide variety of needs has just begun to pick up the pace. For example, the aviation and automotive industries utilize articulating borescopes for thorough, expedited inspections.

Other industries are taking note and jumping aboard to manufacture planet-friendly products and equipment. Not only does improved technology help companies and consumers accurately handle problems that pop up occasionally but it also allows them to save money and produce less waste.

Engineers from all around the world and various industries are working to educate consumers on the importance of eco-friendly products while providing superior technological products and procedures. Gama Sonic's outdoor solar energy lighting already allows customers to retain a traditional look while reducing their carbon footprint. Its patented pending Morph Technology is certain to be valuable in the improvement in outdoor solar lighting.

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